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(Friend) Razor: 'where do we sign up for the pillaging? (Note the lack of pirate speak in this question)'
(Friend) Razor: 'or maybe they're just all talk.'
(Friend) Robbo: 'Don't reveal our secrets!'
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[13 Sep 19:53:55] (Imm) Khaleesi: im homeeeeeeeeee
[13 Sep 19:54:46] (Imm) Wire: but the keys poofed!
[13 Sep 19:55:26] (Imm) Khaleesi: didnt keep me out
[13 Sep 19:56:27] (Imm) Lasher: I find it hard to address you without breaking some of the standards I am trying to instil in the game.
[13 Sep 19:56:40] (Imm) Someone in the crowd yells, "BURN!" Dolt seems to agree!
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(Friend) Razor: 'do you mean nogender or nosex?'
(Friend) Razor: 'nosex probably far more common around here.'
(Friend) Razor: 'if he's t9 he's there already but I could send him a WoW started pack if you want to make absolutely sure.'
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(Friend) Cereus: 'yeah but sometimes the goal hints are like "Show the Princess how you care" and then the actual answer is "Wear a piece of fishnet on your head and say "Fuck off, Dad"'
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(Imm) Raded: hats just rest on my head like a circus bear wearing a fez
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Restore: rawcolors

(Imm) Bamboo goes, "Hmmmm," but louder.
(Imm) Derevo peers around herself intently.
(Imm) Robbo chuckles politely.

Proper Restore Message: Remember to vote! :) I'm going to go die in a corner now. - Dreamfyre

(Imm) Bamboo: It's okay, this is your first time being an imm
(Imm) Bamboo: WAIT

(Imm) Dreamfyre: omg :(

[ rawcolors tho ] Rawcolor Dreamfyre rawcolors rawcolors rawcolors rawcolors .:|Wolf|:.
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(Imm) Fuel: you need to take at leat two solid ropey poops per day
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(Imm) Fuel: im quitting dark souls
(Imm) Fuel: because.. why to fuck yourself in the brains for 100x times when you are free to not do it
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(Imm) Very Toxic Fuel: horses are just good looking cows
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26 Aug 16:21:55 (Curse) Yamillay: When me and my ex-fiance were a lot younger she was about to leave her highschool with a dike-gang.. Till I got lucky and saw an opening in their understanding where I could intervene.. And when I laid that ex-fiance I was blown away by how amazing her laying me was.... I even got my red wings out of her if ya catch my drift...

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