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(Imm) Fiendish: there's only one good reason to take off your mask in public, and that's to eat a dick under the highway
(Imm) Fiendish: basically any time I see someone not wearing a mask in public r/n I'm like "I didn't even know there was a highway near here"
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(Group) Hectic Sammael: 'Think if you break Bonjour open with a bat, a bunch of dollars will spill out?'
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Tussin (First Mate) tells the CLAN: 'whelp my zoom call was going good til my daughter came running in yelling "MOM SAYS I CAN'T SAY CUNT" at 3000 decibels'
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[28 May 01:31:54] {-=Masaki=-} Yakuza: made a bitch cry at work today, i just pointed out shes pretty self centered for a team leader

So classy
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There is a loud scream and a flare of light shoots towards the sky.
Below the flare, you hear Shala scream 'HEAR ME, FOR I HAVE CONQUERED!'
As the light fades, you realize a new superhero has been born.
For the next 15 minutes experience is doubled in honor of the new superhero.

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Vega (First Mate) tells the CLAN: 'ragon's hoard crumbles into 58 gold pieces.'
Vega (First Mate) tells the CLAN: 'Man, Dragons in Aard are fucking poor'
Jehanine (Sea Witch) tells the CLAN: 'fantastic riches!'
Vesna (Siren) tells the CLAN: 'Millennial dragon'
Robbo (Captain) tells the CLAN: 'Heheh'
(First Mate) CLAN: Vega is agreeing with that Jehanine person again...
Vega (First Mate) tells the CLAN: 'Hah'
Robbo (Captain) tells the CLAN: 'Not much gold to sleep on, I tell you what.'
Vega (First Mate) tells the CLAN: 'There were two dragons there, so yeah, he was probably still living with his mom'
Jehanine (Sea Witch) tells the CLAN: 'it was very very very tiny widdle dwagon'
Vesna (Siren) tells the CLAN: 'Dragon is spending all his money on rent and health insurance'
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o-}HooK{-o Wars: and how did he sacrifice himself for our future sins? can I pray once for all my future sins to be forgiven and call it good for my pass to heaven?
{-=Masaki=-} Yakuza: same way we alright with light now with the future change in pk
<-)light(-> Riot: quiet down maxi pad
{-=Masaki=-} Yakuza: we dont like light anymore
{-=Masaki=-} Raded: he didnt die for lights sins
<-)light(-> Welding cries on Raded's shoulder.
o-}HooK{-o Pringle: light aren't humans, they need to get their own jesus to die for their sins
<-)light(-> Riot: why
o-}HooK{-o Pringle: but that'll never happen cause they'll just have SHs heal him on the cross
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Guinness (Siren) tells the CLAN: 'i'm in too bad a mood to do anything'
Trapt (Swashbuckler) tells the CLAN: 'aww why'
Guinness (Siren) tells the CLAN: 'i don't know it's super annoying'
Wars (Captain) tells the CLAN: 'dont worry im in a bad mood to'
Trapt (Swashbuckler) tells the CLAN: 'i noticed youve been quiet Wars last night and today...realtively speaking'
Tymme (First Mate) tells the CLAN: 'have you all been in clan long enough that your womanly times are syncing?!'
(Captain) CLAN: Wars slaps Tymme, but louder.
Guinness (Siren) tells the CLAN: 'you know men also have "that time of the month" :D'
(First Mate) CLAN: Tymme gets out a marker and marks a big red X over the ship's calendar for this week.
CLAN ANNOUNCEMENT: Wars has demoted Tymme to the rank of Smuggler!
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[17 May 12:58:17] (WanGrp?!) [L69,2486,M+2/T0] Llaw: level 69
[17 May 12:58:26] (WanGrp?!) [L69,1291,P+3/T9] Escobar: Nice
[17 May 13:15:11] (WanGrp?!) [L69,-16,W+2/T8] Zyanya: 69
[17 May 13:15:17] (WanGrp?!) [L70,1389,P+3/T9] Escobar: Nice
[17 May 13:15:19] (WanGrp?!) [L88,2302,P+6/T6] Welding claps at Zyanya's performance.
[17 May 13:15:27] (WanGrp?!) [L201,-2500,P+6/T1] Dekkster: I don't get it.
[17 May 13:15:29] (WanGrp?!) [L201,-2500,W+7/T9] Raaigar: never level again
[17 May 13:15:51] (WanGrp?!) [L71,1412,P+3/T9] Escobar: When a mommy and daddy love each other
[17 May 13:16:04] (WanGrp?!) [L71,1412,P+3/T9] Escobar: The mommy climbs on top of the daddy and gives him that sloppy toppy...
[17 May 13:16:12] (WanGrp?!) [L201,-2500,P+6/T1] Dekkster raises his hand.
[17 May 13:16:15] (WanGrp?!) [L201,-2500,P+6/T1] Dekkster: I need an adult.
[17 May 13:16:21] (WanGrp?!) [L205,-388,T+7/T7] Fenix: seriously?
[17 May 13:16:29] (WanGrp?!) [L201,-2500,P+6/T1] Dekkster grins evilly.
[17 May 13:17:16] (WanGrp?!) [L71,1412,P+3/T9] Escobar: Oh sorry, I took a cue from DjV and just decided to say whatever on a public channel without worry about the consequences. Oops.
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Tymme (First Mate) tells the CLAN: 'hmm, what's the plural of clitoris? Clitori? Clitoriseseses?'
Robbo (Captain) tells the CLAN: 'I vote for clittorati'
BlueFeather (Siren) tells the CLAN: 'yes, add as many "ses'es" as possible... that seems right! :D'
Vega (First Mate) tells the CLAN: 'Clittorati sounds like an all female Illuminati'
Vega (First Mate) tells the CLAN: 'Lead by Oprah'
(Sea Witch) CLAN: Jehanine laughs at Vega mercilessly.
Abel (Swashbuckler) tells the CLAN: 'the plural is "YOU'RE NEVER GOING TO HAVE A 3some TYMME!"'
Abel (Swashbuckler) tells the CLAN: 'but i vote Cloitus'
Tymme (First Mate) tells the CLAN: 'I had a dream last night where I was making cookies in the shames of vaginal openings and clitoriseseseseseses for a female friend to figure out if she enjoyed going down on women.'
(First Mate) CLAN: Vega laughs out loud at Tymme.
Abel (Swashbuckler) tells the CLAN: 'well, tymme has cabin fever'

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