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NOTE: Curi is blind in real life and uses a screen reader to play Aardwolf.

From : Syndom: Manor Upgrades - Curi
Forum : Upgrades - #20268
To : Imm Curi
Date : Thu Jan 15 02:47:00 2009

Among other upgrades:

Room: Porch room
Approaching the Black Dawn
An inky twilight distorts the sky here, where the Dark One truly
touches the world. The sun never rises, and the darkness never sets.
The rivers run black from Thakan'dar and only death and disease bloom
in this wasteland.

Before you lies the path to a raging maelstrom. Arcs of blue lightning
flash in the sky and an unnatural light pulsates in the distance. Within
the eye of the storm you hear voices in the thunder; a man and a woman
chanting a mantra in the old tongue. Their words shake the ground and
echo from every side in a maddening way, only possible with the One Power.
Saidin and Saidar, woven together. You cannot help but dread the
outcome of such a thing.

............... __ __
............(_ _ ... _ _)
..............| \_ _/ |
..............| || || |
..............| || || |Sorry about all the periods.
..............| || || |I had to add them in to make
..............| || || |the penis viewable on the
..............| || || |quotes database.
..............| || || |
........_____ | || || | ______
......./, , ,\| || || |/ , ' ,\
....../ , , , . ' ` , ` ` , , ,\
...../` , , ` ` , , ' ` ` , ' , \
.....\' , , ` ' ` ` , ' ` , ` ' /
......\` ' , ` ' , ' , ` , ' , /

15 Jan 03:15:26 - (Spouse) Curi: what did you put in my porch desc?:P
15 Jan 03:15:53 - (Spouse) Syndom: uh, i forget
15 Jan 03:16:07 - (Spouse) Syndom: the storm thing
15 Jan 03:16:14 - (Spouse) Syndom: something like that
15 Jan 03:16:25 - (Spouse) Curi: looks like a picture of some sort
15 Jan 03:17:16 - (Spouse) Syndom: oh, it's a border thing, on the bottom
15 Jan 03:17:26 - (Spouse) Curi: oh ok:P
15 Jan 03:17:43 - (Spouse) Curi: just making sure

From : Curi: Re: Manor Upgrades - Curi
Forum : Upgrades - #20269
To : Imm Curi Syndom
Date : Thu Jan 15 03:19:42 2009
Reply to: Note 20268 posted by Syndom

I asked syndom to do the descs etc
since i'm bad at writing and since i don't do color codes well.:P
at any rate, i approve the changes to my
manor, and yes, we'll
be using my tier discount,
and i'll be paying for the upgrade.


The next day:

15 Jan 19:59:37 - (Spouse) Curi: wake up you idiot:P
15 Jan 19:59:55 - (Spouse) Curi: putting a penis in my porch isn't funny:P
15 Jan 20:00:14 - (Spouse) Curi: i'm glad it was justme that found it and not some other imm:P
15 Jan 20:14:24 - (Spouse) Curi: you bastard:P
15 Jan 20:40:46 - (Spouse) Curi: from now on i'm doing my own manor upgrades:P

King *rollemite tells you 'damn =p she found out'

From : Curi: syn must die!
Forum : Personal - #61822
To : baal
Date : Thu Jan 15 20:11:31 2009
The bastard tried to sneak a giant penis into
my manor desc......
Any way, new manor desc is
wheel of time based and the
giant penis is gone so
if anyone wants to see, prod me:P


From : Sagen: Re: syn must die!
Forum : Personal - #61824
To : baal Curi
Date : Thu Jan 15 20:13:54 2009
Reply to: Note 61822 posted by Curi

The penis was amazing, just in case anyone was wondering. I got a special
someone to go check it out. I drooled a little, not gonna lie.



Curi (Grey Man) tells the CLAN: '(Black Ajah) syn you fucker'
(Chosen) CLAN: Trollemite wuv Syndom. Aww, how coot.
Syndom (Dreadlord) tells the CLAN: '<[ Saa ]> hi'
Syndom (Dreadlord) tells the CLAN: '<[ Saa ]> fuck, where'd it go? :P'
Losstarot (Trolloc) tells the CLAN: '(Ebony Dagger) Synd you really try to sneak a penis in?'
Curi (Grey Man) tells the CLAN: '(Black Ajah) justme deleted it:P'
Syndom (Dreadlord) tells the CLAN: '<[ Saa ]> damnit :P'

Seasoned Justme tells you 'this close to making your pretitle penishead :P'

King *rollemite tells you 'hahahahaha i cant tell if shes pissed or if she loves the attention =p'
You tell King *rollemite 'hahah, i don't know but this is great, just great :D'
King *rollemite tells you 'YES =p'

Syndom (Dreadlord) tells the CLAN: '<[ Saa ]> You sit on A river of Vaginal Discharge.'
Syndom (Dreadlord) tells the CLAN: '<[ Saa ]> there is still hope!'
Sariel (Gholam) tells the CLAN: '(Black Ajah) how nice!'
(Chosen) CLAN: Trollemite laughs out loud.
Curi (Grey Man) tells the CLAN: '(Black Ajah) never again will i approve a fucking note at 2am for you that is involved in my manor'
Trollemite (Chosen) tells the CLAN: '(Oosquai) that woulda been the best upgrade ever'
(Grey Man) tells the CLAN: '(Black Ajah) god'
Curi (Grey Man) tells the CLAN: '(Black Ajah) i sware to god'
Curi (Grey Man) tells the CLAN: '(Black Ajah) syn is so dead'
Trollemite (Chosen) tells the CLAN: '(Oosquai) rofl'
Curi (Grey Man) tells the CLAN: '(Black Ajah) poor justme'

(Spouse) Curi: from now on i'm doing my own manor upgrades:P

From : Curi: Re: Choice quotes
Forum : Personal - #61835
To : Baal Justme Syndom
Date : Thu Jan 15 21:12:07 2009
Reply to: Note 61833 posted by Syndom

So, troll was in on it to?
Well, he should die to!
I sware, This clan is full of perverts or something;p
I still think syn should have been charged instead of me:P


From : Justme: Re: Choice quotes +
Forum : Personal - #61836
To : Baal Justme Syndom Curi
Date : Thu Jan 15 21:13:16 2009
Reply to: Note 61835 posted by Curi

funniest damn thing i have seen since i imm'd.


From : Justme: Re: Choice quotes ++
Forum : Personal - #61840
To : Baal Justme Syndom Curi
Date : Thu Jan 15 21:29:35 2009
Reply to: Note 61836 posted by Justme

since we are sharing....

- You tell Aes Sedai Curi 'your bed is nasty'
- You tell Aes Sedai Curi 'a crimson river of vaginal discharge/'
- Aes Sedai Curi tells you 'what?'
- You tell Aes Sedai Curi 'come here'
- You tell Aes Sedai Curi 'he made your bed a crimson river - an oozing
crimson river of vaginal discharge'
- Aes Sedai Curi tells you 'omg, i swear to god'
- Aes Sedai Curi tells you 'it will be "a river of syndom's blood"'


You sleep on A river of Syndom's Blood.
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From : Fantomex: Long way home
Forum : Art - #11
To : All
Date : Wed Jul 2 10:55:31 2014
| To this day Xeldafar didn't know what had happened to the village he was born
| in. Word had gotten around that it had burnt to the ground, but no one was
| able to neither confirm nor deny the fact. He had been a boy, not older than
| nineteen years old when the moks had taken him to their sanctuary to teach him
| all the possible ways to achieve the inner peace he had so craved for.
| Seven years had passed since he left and not having heard from his family had
| upset him more than he could ever have imagined. Though it was hard, it was
| clear to him that the time had not been wasted in vain. Other people had been
| killing time just raising kids and building up farms while he was now a
| scholar of meditation and and master of peace and love.
| Down the road back home he had heard gruesome stories of crusaders forcing
| enlightenment of their faith upon people. Those who accepted were left alive.
| Xeldafars village had not kneeled down before the new gods and the cost that
| they had paid for this was more than just their lives. According to the few
| elders he had met on his way home, his home was not the only village left in
| ruins as the crusaders fought their way through the country, converting the
| sinners and killing the people who's faith was stronger than will to live.
| Tormented by the idea of a home in ruins, he never gave up hope. He had to see
| it with his own eyes, witness the crimes of those who spread the message of
| neighborly love with the sharpest of swords. The road ahead seemed longer each
| yard he walked, the time longer with each minute that passed.
| Does anything justify the enforcement, and in the most brutal way, of your
| ideas upon another human? Xeldafar wondered if the idea of one true god
| could be enough to sleep at nights peacefully after all the mayhem and cruel
| killing of innocent people? In search for the truth he kept on walking.
| Fantomex

05 Jul 12:05:46 - Nooblet Arthon tells you 'Hello Fantomex. Just letting you know, I removed your note (11) on the Art board. It appears the first letters of each line spelled out something inappropriate. If you would like to reformat your story so this does not occur, feel free to do so. Thanks.'

My art survived just 3 days and 1 hour! :(
#16315 + (221 ) X
--Daoine-',{@ Jilted peers around himself intently.
--Daoine-',{@ Jilted peers at you intently.
--Daoine-',{@ Jilted . o O ( dorks )
--Daoine-',{@ Nonsense is agreeing with that Jilted person again...
_-/Rogues\-_ Kaishakunin: shut up fairy boy
--Daoine-',{@ Nonsense bonks Kaishakunin on the head for being such an UTTER moron.
--Daoine-',{@ Jilted: Another district heard!

Jilted (Teglach) tells the CLAN: 'I bet he doesn't know I emoted that *peer'
Jilted (Teglach) tells the CLAN: 'so he thinks we both called him and only him a dork'
Jilted (Teglach) tells the CLAN: 'stupid fuck'
Nonsense (Teglach) tells the CLAN: 'lol'
Nonsense (Teglach) tells the CLAN: 'i bet you're fuckin right'
Nonsense (Teglach) tells the CLAN: 'that's fuckin hillarious'
Nonsense (Teglach) tells the CLAN: 'it just looked worse when i agreed with you ;P'
Jilted (Teglach) tells the CLAN: 'heh hilariously sad :p'
Jilted (Teglach) tells the CLAN: 'lol *nod'

--Daoine-',{@ Kaishakunin probes Joelz. You feel disgusted, yet slightly aroused.
--Daoine-',{@ Kaishakunin grins evilly at Joelz.
--Daoine-',{@ Joelz . o O ( sicko... )
--Daoine-',{@ Kaishakunin licks Jilted.
--Daoine-',{@ Jilted: the fuck?
--Daoine-',{@ After Kaishakunin's stupid remark, Nonsense baps him upside the head; he DID deserve it.

Jilted (Teglach) tells the CLAN: 'too bad it puts our fuckin logo up there'
Nonsense (Teglach) tells the CLAN: 'yea'
Nonsense (Teglach) tells the CLAN: 'he won't be the wiser i don't think'
Jilted (Teglach) tells the CLAN: 'lol'

_-/Rogues\-_ Kaishakunin: umm.. thats fucking odd lol

Jilted (Teglach) tells the CLAN: 'he's all baffled.....o0(why the hell did I probe and lick them? what the fucking going on)'
Jilted (Teglach) tells the CLAN: 'ROFL'
Nonsense (Teglach) tells the CLAN: 'that was priceless'
Jilted (Teglach) tells the CLAN: 'I was in the middle of calling it'
Nonsense (Teglach) tells the CLAN: 'our assumptions confirmed!'

_-/Rogues\-_ Kaishakunin: imm with a lil too much time on their hands me thinks
--Daoine-',{@ Jilted: haha
--Daoine-',{@ Kaishakunin licks Jilted.
--Daoine-',{@ Kaishakunin licks Jilted.
--Daoine-',{@ Kaishakunin licks Jilted.
--Daoine-',{@ Jilted snickers softly.
_-/Rogues\-_ Kaishakunin: lasher, you silly goose!
--Daoine-',{@ Jilted: rofl
--Daoine-',{@ Joelz falls to the ground and rolls around, laughing hysterically.

Jilted (Teglach) tells the CLAN: 'omfg this is great!'

--Daoine-',{@ Kaishakunin probes Jilted. You feel disgusted, yet slightly aroused.
_-/Rogues\-_ Kaishakunin: I can't stop it!!
--Daoine-',{@ Nonsense points excitedly at Kaishakunin!
--Daoine-',{@ Jilted: well there is one way....
--Daoine-',{@ Jilted: help delete

Joelz (Marasgal) tells the CLAN: 'You tell Boglan 'boy do you know how to pick em''
Jilted (Teglach) tells the CLAN: 'lol'

_-/Rogues\-_ Kaishakunin: i think he has more of a fetish for you jilted, or likes to watch me probe you..
--Daoine-',{@ Jilted: lol

Nonsense (Teglach) tells the CLAN: 'he should really be outcast for being that fuckin stupid'

--Daoine-',{@ Jilted: jesus god in heaven
_-/Rogues\-_ Kaishakunin: That name is on the badname list.

Jilted (Teglach) tells the CLAN: 'or he's trying to suffocate me with laughter'

_-/Rogues\-_ Kaishakunin: how is jesus a bad name!
--Daoine-',{@ Nonsense: Rogues, do you screen these brilliant sacks of shit before you recruit them?
--Daoine-',{@ Jilted: no I meant delete
--Daoine-',{@ Jilted: oh
_-/Rogues\-_ Kaishakunin: its a joke tit
--Daoine-',{@ Jilted: quiet you

Jilted (Teglach) tells the CLAN: 'someone else rlick him please'

--Daoine-',{@ Kaishakunin licks Joelz.
--Daoine-',{@ Kaishakunin licks Nonsense.
--Daoine-',{@ Kaishakunin licks Elshar.
--Daoine-',{@ Kaishakunin licks Nonsense.
--Daoine-',{@ Jilted: got a thing for licking faeries, do ya?
_-/Rogues\-_ Kaishakunin pulls out a gun and blows Joelz's fucking head off.
_-/Rogues\-_ Kaishakunin pulls out a gun and blows Nonsense's fucking head off.
_-/Rogues\-_ Kaishakunin pulls out a gun and blows Jilted's fucking head off.

Nonsense (Teglach) tells the CLAN: 'man i'm getting a good release of endorphins'

--Daoine-',{@ Kaishakunin licks Jilted.
_-/Rogues\-_ Kaishakunin: itsl ike the end of american beauty!
--Daoine-',{@ Elshar glares at Kaishakunin and accuses him of stealing his cookie.
--Daoine-',{@ Jilted: you missed one, kai
--Daoine-',{@ Jilted points excitedly at Elshar!
_-/Rogues\-_ Kaishakunin: meh, anagrams for Lasher frighten and confuse me
--Daoine-',{@ Jilted: haha why am I not surprised

Jilted (Teglach) tells the CLAN: 'him? confused? nooooo'
Nonsense (Teglach) tells the CLAN: 'i'm sure lasher has that kinda time on his hands ;P'

--Daoine-',{@ Kaishakunin probes Jilted. You feel disgusted, yet slightly aroused.

Jilted (Teglach) tells the CLAN: 'we should stop before he figures it out'
Nonsense (Teglach) tells the CLAN: 'this guy definatly missed the vagina and popped straight out the asshole when he was born'
Jilted (Teglach) tells the CLAN: 'so we can do it again'
Joelz (Marasgal) tells the CLAN: 'i actually kinda want him to figure it out so he realizes what a dumb fuck he is'
Jilted (Teglach) tells the CLAN: 'no need to kill the goose what lays them golden eggs'

--Daoine-',{@ Jilted: So, Rogues, what have we learned today?
--Daoine-',{@ Joelz: check their family tree for forks before recruiting?

--Daoine-',{@ Jilted: Rogues wins the medal for "Most unintentionally funny clan" this year, hands down!
#18207 + (197 ) X
In Aylor recall lurking as Resiliang:

Ailea yells 'taer growls loudly, shuddering lightly as my hot, cum explodes through my panties and all over your hand, reaching a hand between my thighs and dipping my fingers into my overflowing pussy, caressing your cock with my creamy hand before wrapping it firmly around your cock, pumping you relentlessly'

You yell 'NO U'

I guess someone mistyped "tell"?
#14988 + (196 ) X
DrekThar tells you 'wanna grp'
You tell DrekThar 'Are you interested in buying a new home? With 2.9 APR rates have never been lower!'
DrekThar tells you ' 11 im sry'
You tell DrekThar 'What better time to start saving!? With 2.9 APR your mortgage will be paid in full at the market rate by the time you're old enough to drink!'
DrekThar tells you 'can you wait 7 years ill rent one then just save one'
You tell DrekThar 'May I speak to the decision maker in the household?'
DrekThar tells you '...there kinda not here'
You tell DrekThar 'Ah. Well, I'll have to tell you later then once they become available.'
DrekThar tells you 'ok'
DrekThar tells you 'will you group tho'
DrekThar tells you 'wait hes here'
You tell DrekThar 'Hi! Are you interested in learning about our exciting timeshare opportunity?'
DrekThar tells you 'No'
DrekThar tells you 'Maybe another time'
You tell DrekThar 'For a brief, fun three hour seminar you will receive one week's rent free and possibly a vacation to the Bahamas!'
DrekThar tells you 'I have to go again im Sorry'
You tell DrekThar 'Certainly!'
DrekThar tells you 'howd it go'
You tell DrekThar 'Hi! Are you interested in joining an online casino? Win REAL money from HOME!'
DrekThar tells you 'nope im to young to gamble'
You tell DrekThar 'Not in Barbados where our fun casinos are located!'
DrekThar tells you 'um im in america not barbados'
DrekThar tells you 'its law that i must use proper indentation and not as law use other countries power to outrule ours'
You tell DrekThar 'Under section 4, article 2 of the "Gambling Zoning and Legality" bill the age of gambling applies to the location of which the casino is. The age of gambling in Barbados is only 10. There's never been a better time to join!'
DrekThar tells you 'ok'
DrekThar tells you 'i guess ill gamble when i go to barbados'
DrekThar tells you 'next summer my dad said we might'
DrekThar tells you 'go to hawahii or barbados'
You tell DrekThar 'Who not start today? You can gamble now for REAL money from HOME completely LEGAL starting today!'
DrekThar tells you 'actually i can but i wont i wanna clarifie this stuff'
DrekThar tells you 'in about a weak ill be back in callifornia and be able to do some research about this'
DrekThar tells you 'and i dont trust someone to well with a title of Boob Balker'
You tell DrekThar 'Why wait until then when you can and win REAL money NOW!?'
DrekThar tells you 'or lose alot of money tring to win money my family doesnt gamble online'
DrekThar tells you 'so we can control gambalings money fund and we dont spend to much'
You tell DrekThar 'Join now and receive $500 casino credit to start your winnings now!'
DrekThar tells you '500$ credit when i have to pay it back in a month'
DrekThar tells you 'you shouldnt try this stuff on kids its immature'
You tell DrekThar 'You'll never have to pay it back! It's our free gift to you for joining!'
DrekThar tells you 'but i know what ill do ill wait a weak and clarifie it'
DrekThar tells you 'i have to wait a week please understand'
DrekThar tells you 'its not my computer im on a friends'
DrekThar tells you 'i have to wait a week'
You tell DrekThar 'May I speak with the owner of the computer in the house?'
DrekThar tells you 'not here'
DrekThar tells you 'no one in this house owns it its a computer brought by my friends dad's company'
DrekThar tells you 'as a gift for my B-day'
DrekThar tells you 'hes tryin to get me to gamble from barbados and give me 500$ but i think its a scam and i dont trust him i mean his title is Boob Balker'
DrekThar tells you 'its kinda hard to trust you'
You tell DrekThar ':('
DrekThar tells you 'do you get it'
You tell DrekThar 'Hello! Thank you for choosing Aardwolf.'
DrekThar tells you 'uh'
DrekThar tells you 'grp?'
You tell DrekThar 'Hi! Are you interested in learning about lowering your bills for FREE!?'
DrekThar tells you 'im 11 I HAVE NO BILLS'
You tell DrekThar 'May I please speak with the bill payer in the household?'
DrekThar tells you 'NOT HERE'
DrekThar tells you 'vega do you want to group or not' (While I was AFK)
Drakin (Emerald Knight) tells the CLAN: 'DrekThar tells you 'why is vega trying to sell me everything''
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[ 1434] Delight: Your area on builder's port.
Board: Raiding
Date: Fri Oct 7 17:17:05 2005
To: ---- Imm all

I'm writing to let you know that this area cannot be accepted into the
building queue.

There are quite a few reasons for this:

1) All but maybe 3-5 mobs are lacking both resists and affects.
2) A large number of mobs lack wealth.
3) Some mob lack hitdice or damdice or manadice.
4) All but 4 objects lack affects.
4) Many of the changes you made from the first time I returned it to
you were done very poorly.
1) Namely, the where you added warrior classes to change keep
from having too many animal classes, you didn't remove the
didn't remove the animal classes.
2) When you put descriptions on the mob atleast 5 of them
weren't formatted. Or like this one:

Nsects are a very ancient group, going back well before the dinosaurs.
Giant ants, Formicium giganteum , have queens bigger than hummingbirds. It
seems likely that these ants were carnivorous, a terrifying prospect for the
animals who shared their forest.


And finally, the most upsetting in this whole list of issues, is that every
single one of your mobs descriptions has been plagiarized. They have been
plagiarized so badly, infact, that I could cut and paste any fragment of
your descriptions and put them into google with quotes and I could read
what your mob descriptions verbatim off the websites.

The above description for example is found at:

For this reason especially, I have chosen to remove your area from the
builders port and revoke your builder's privileges. I added the entire
immstaff into this note to ensure that I am treating you fairly and
for their benefit as nobody has ever been so disrespectful to use
this sort of behavior in their area before.
If you wish to make any response to this, please do so by replaying
to this note.

Thank you.

#16172 + (184 ) X
(Friend) Majic: 'hungers. hungers, preciouss'
(Friend) Majic: 'what shall we do for dinners, preciouss?'
(Friend) Tir: 'No, not the charcoals, it burns, black in the mouth, gollum, gollum'
#15578 + (182 ) X
Toast tells you 'can't put players names in socials :\'
Toast tells you 'otherwise I'd make a social where every output is FUCK YOU FORESTSEER YOU DICKLESS FUCKTARD. ROT IN HELL.'
#17014 + (180 ) X
(Imm) Grumpy Lasher: Lets play socket dice.
(Imm) Grumpy Lasher: It's like battleships, we dice 1,255 4 times and if the i/p address matches an online player you get to nuke them and win points equal to their level.
#18172 + (174 ) X
God Damn Kheftiu gossips 'some people're raised to adopt their parents views at a young age, and they don't question their racism'
Iron Duck Chuft gossips 'that's because they are stupid and believe what they are told without question, then are oced from retri'
#18254 + (160 ) X
From : Devol: A matter of discretion...
Forum : Personal - #83717
To : Dereliction
Date : Mon May 4 06:55:18 2009
A message from (Retribution) Secret Ops:

Please take a moment to consider what I have to say...

There has been a shift of power over the last couple years,
a shift that has left in it's wake frustration over not
being able to do anything about it.

Here's the situation at hand as I see it -

Currently two clans are the masterminds behind the raids you
see happening today. The way it stands, these clans _USE_
members from almost _ANY_ clan to fulfill their goals, and
_ABUSE_ any one of those said clans on a whim.

SK and Rhabdo are quite clever, and have even been known to
use such tactics as fake raids and setup raids to assess and
limit the possibility of retaliation against them for their
actions. Furthermore, many people are _AFRAID_ to retaliate
for fear that they will either be blacklisted from SK/Rhabdo
raids, or even targetted more often for seeking revenge.

Here is what I propose:

Over the next month, I will be conducting several Retribution
sponsored raids on various smaller targets. Our goal is to
sharpen our in-clan cracking skills and provide the clanned
populace with an alternative to the SK stagnation.

We wish to expand our force with some of the cream of the crop,
and to train the next generation of raiders on Aardwolf.
A few reputable hand-picked players would greatly increase our
progress and provide you with an opportunity to make a name
for yourself instead of being some other clan's pawn.

Have you ever considered the path of a professional Raider?
Do you seek the spoils and bounty of successful breaching?
How about the prospect of bi-weekly (or weekly) raiding?

We offer MUTUAL LEARNING, instead of thinking of you as a tool.

This is a personal invitation to be a part of my regular raid squad.
You can remain in your current clan and take part, or take advantage
of what might just be a once in a lifetime opportunity:
I have been appointed the authority to offer a select few a
specialized interview process with our Misanthropes and Dark Angel.
Believe me when I say that if you join us, you won't be disappointed.

Our members want for nothing when it comes to the best of equipment,
the fastest leveling partners, and help when it counts...

If you aren't currently a superhero, you have been selected for other
merits, and are welcome to take advantage of this offer also.

Devol (formerly Jiraiya)
#16551 + (160 ) X
Cipactonal questions 'who do I hunt in DIamond reach to get out of here??'
Vaun answers 'you're a tier'
Vaun answers 'pretty sure you can manage'
INFO: Xuihtecutli drinks deeply as Cipactonal's blood is spilled by a watchful cityguard.
Vaun answers 'oops, maybe not'
#19258 + (159 ) X
CLANINFO: With fire in his eyes, Fruity joins Boot's recruits in line.
(Retribution) Dexter: more semi-pk meat
|=x=BOOT=x=| Fruity: fuck off poser
#15888 + (157 ) X
[04 Jun 02:16:29] [Newbie]: Roshlin thumbs lightly brushing the clit flesh, smiling at your words as his hands run over your legs, lightly grasping your hips and kissing the soft skin, tongue easing out against the clit tracing it slowly
[Helper] Roshlin has quit.
#19188 + (157 ) X
After winning a GQ:

*ScarletWitch spits on you -- how gross!
You tell ScarletWitch 'Classy as usual :)'
ScarletWitch tells you 'faggot dont send me any more tells.'
ScarletWitch is now ignoring you.

Light courtesy at its best...
#17647 + (156 ) X
-|Dominion|- Ruckus: can we convince Felt to change his name to Velour or Cashmina, do you think?
--Daoine-',{@ Mirrim: Pashmina.
-|Dominion|- Ruckus: yeah
-|Dominion|- Ruckus: what's a pash?
~-/Pyre\-~ Purr: think he's more of a pleather or something
-=Tanelorn} Citron: Gnaugahyde.
-|Dominion|- Ruckus laughs out loud at Citron.
o-}HooK{-o Cecil: Citron have you ever stalked a vicious Gnauga, hunting it down for its rich and lustrous hyde?
-|Dominion|- Ruckus: the Gnauga has fearsome tusks
-=Tanelorn} Citron: I've watched Gnauga hunts on the Discovery channel. It looks brutal.
-|Dominion|- Ruckus: they're actually what they make sidewinder missles out of
~-/Pyre\-~ Purr: They have a show about the hunters now.. the deadliest couch
o-}HooK{-o Cecil claps at Purr's performance.
o-}HooK{-o Cecil: ^^ I lol'ed
#15996 + (148 ) X
(Imm) Typo Qurrm Kallandra: this is what happens when i don't smoke. i get nicotine cravings and lose tolerance and patience for stupid people. clan hey Chanai! :)
#18777 + (147 ) X
Sergei (Truthair) tells the CLAN: 'Understand, that when you're groping me, I'm totally in Ectoplasmic Form.'
(Truthair) CLAN: Shameful Dugrant wipes his hand on his shirt. Eww, it's green.
#18149 + (146 ) X
The Arena of Doom [**> CMAZE <**]
INFO: Voldemort has been slain in the combat maze by ElementPyros.
INFO: Huntik has been slain in the combat maze by ElementPyros.
Voldemort gossips 'NICE LOWBIES AT Barnies CMAZE:P''
3 seconds later
INFO: Girish has been slain in the combat maze by Kheftiu.
1 second later
INFO: ElementPyros has been slain in the combat maze by Kheftiu.
#18112 + (144 ) X
Kessel barters: can add an objstat every 30 levels, hence 31
Rickit barters: OK TY
Abelinc barters: volv, it gets 1 more stat
Abelinc barters: no you can't, kessel
Abelinc barters: you don't get a second objstat until 60
Habasi barters: Variable: Stats: 1 + (Level / 30, rounded down) points in random stats.
Abelinc barters: regen gets another stat every 30...objstat doesn't get a second until 60
Charneus barters: Right, that's not objstat. ;)
Habasi barters: 30/30=1 so level 1 = 1, level 30 = 2
#16346 + (143 ) X
Biscut questions 'the thick fog in gallows hill....what level is it?'
Vaun answers 'ground level'
#17759 + (142 ) X
You tell your friends: 'You get a lute from the peaceful looking corpse of a musician.'
You tell your friends: 'Coulda sworn I had autolute turned off.'

(Friend) Obyron: 'My god, I'm nuking you for that.'
#17748 + (141 ) X
You tell the CLAN: 'aless here'
Alessandrew (Shaded Mistress) tells the CLAN: 'yea <3<3<3 bff!!'
You tell the CLAN: 'morting soon, have eq for you to buy'
Alessandrew (Shaded Mistress) tells the CLAN: 'how soon <3<3<3 bff!!'
You tell the CLAN: '2 mins?'
Alessandrew (Shaded Mistress) tells the CLAN: 'too slow i go first =p <3<3<3 bff!!'
Alessandrew (Shaded Mistress) tells the CLAN: 'or do you wanna go first? <3<3<3 bff!!'
You tell the CLAN: 'no care mate'
(Friend) Alessandrew: 'dbl at tick'
Alessandrew (Shaded Mistress) tells the CLAN: 'dbl at tick <3<3<3 bff!!'
--- 2 seconds before tick ---
superhero loud
(Eclipse Lord) CLAN: You cackle gleefully.
(Friend) Alessandrew: 'FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!'
INFO: Grae is now a wanted outlaw!
Alessandrew has placed an outlaw bounty on your head.
(Friend) Alessandrew: '...... more dbl after'
You tell your friends: 'fucking ahole'
setwanted Alessandrew
INFO: Alessandrew is now a wanted outlaw!
(Friend) Alessandrew: 'DBL AFTER THIS!'
(Friend) Alessandrew: 'CAUSE I FEEL LIKE!'
--- double ends ---
use card
10 minutes double experience coutesy of Grae.
(Friend) Alessandrew: 'FUCKKK'
[ Your spouse has entered the realm! ]
A scream of vengeance is heard as Dak'kon revives Grae to claim their revenge on Gran.
[ Your spouse has left the realm! ]
--- 1-8 gq declared ---
Global Quest: The global quest has been won by Grae - 239th win.
--- Aless remorts ---
(Friend) Alessandrew: 'RANGER POWER!!!'
k aless
A scream of vengeance is heard as Dak'kon revives Alessandrew to claim their revenge on Grae.
(Friend) Alessandrew: 'fuck'
You tell your friends: 'hahaha pthief power'
INFO: Grae is now a wanted outlaw!
Alessandrew has placed an outlaw bounty on your head.
You tell your friends: 'sore loser'
INFO: Alessandrew is now a wanted outlaw!
#17123 + (141 ) X

[12693] Ashkelon: Re: Popular MUD features - removal++++++
Board: General
Date: Sun Oct 21 20:01:59 2007
To: Lasher all Bremen Jhaern Arystul Ashkelon
Reply to: Note 12692 posted by Jhaern

The 3 or 4 times that I actually joined your "train", people would come back
and say "oh, I was in class" or "Okay, got the entire kitchen clean, one
second while I train another 20 strength".

The one time that I actually lead the "train", Chiketa (the usual "train"
leader, for the unenlightened), was also afk, which is why I had to do it.
I wasn't the only one not afk, there were 2 or 3 others. out of 7. Wow.
After sitting in a room not attacking anything for 10 minutes, trying to
get her attention via pages, tells, gtells, says, thinks, and personal notes,
I ungrouped her. 20 minutes after that, she came back and asked why she wasn't
still being dragged.

If I need to say more, let me know.
#19471 + (140 ) X
Everybody (Ninja) tells the CLAN: 'He who writes on Ninja walls, rolls the shit in little balls! He who reads these words of wit, EATS THOSE LITTLE BALLS OF SHIT!'
#17556 + (140 ) X
(Imm) Skinner: A high-priced courtesan has already been challenged.
(Imm) Skinner: but i dont see em
(Imm) Skinner: suppose i should see mobs EVEN if there was gagged person fighting them?
(Imm) Madrox: no u wouldn't
(Imm) Skinner: so some gagged person is doing this on purpose to block me to win gq?
(Imm) Skinner: so its f.e.l.t
(Imm) Skinner: well, lets see what imms say :P
about 2 mins after the gq is won by Talleron
>>>-IMPERIUM-> Felt: thanks for casting cure curse, flygo, you saved my life
[-=Masaki=-] Flygo: those court courtesans are tough mobs
>>>-IMPERIUM-> Felt: they don't hit too hard, but they have an autoassist mobprog so i was there for like 20 minutes
>>>-IMPERIUM-> Felt: i didn't want to go out of the room because the next room is pk and there was a t8 sitting there waiting for me to flee
>>>-IMPERIUM-> Felt: and mob cursed me, so i couldn't recal
(^\Rhabdo/^) Grae falls down laughing.
[-=Masaki=-] Refinnej falls to the ground and rolls around, laughing hysterically.
-|Dominion|- Ruckus: and he wouldn't move because he was busy complaining on imm
[01 May 15:41:06] [-=Masaki=-] Refinnej falls to the ground and rolls around, laughing hysterically.
[01 May 15:41:06] -|Dominion|- Ruckus: for 20 minuts
[01 May 15:41:09] -|Dominion|- Ruckus: minutes
(^\Rhabdo/^) Grae: that is priceless
-|Dominion|- Ruckus: so skinner gq-blocked himself
-|Dominion|- Ruckus: awesome
>>>-IMPERIUM-> Felt: he was there?
>>>-IMPERIUM-> Felt: i was trying to stay alive
-|Dominion|- Ruckus goes, "Heh."
(^\Rhabdo/^) Grae: you have him gagged?
[-=Masaki=-] Flygo laughs out loud.
>>>-IMPERIUM-> Felt: i just saw t8, if i'd known it was him i would've taken him on
<(=Watchmen=)> Charneus: Felt, Skinner thought there was a bug because he has you gagged and didn't know you were fighting his last gq mob. He thought you were intentionally doing it, too.
>>>-IMPERIUM-> Felt: well i couldn't ask him not to kill me so he could get his mob, he has me ignored
#16401 + (139 ) X
Shakala (Mormaer) tells the CLAN: 'Ok, so back when I was 12, I started reading a lot of Sailor Moon FAnfiction.'
Shakala (Mormaer) tells the CLAN: 'That turned to pervy fanfiction'
Shakala (Mormaer) tells the CLAN: 'And so I just basically based my entire knowledge of lesbian relationships off of stories written by other guys.'
Shakala (Mormaer) tells the CLAN: 'There was lots of "OOOOOOOOOH I'M CUMMMMMMMMING MEE TOOOOOOOOOO"'
Shakala (Mormaer) tells the CLAN: 'I can't believe I'm actually admitting to this.'
Shakala (Mormaer) tells the CLAN: 'Yeah, whatever. but still - 10 years ago, I was fucking writing poorly written lesbian stuff :p'
Shakala (Mormaer) tells the CLAN: 'My Sailor Moon fanfictions were hot, because they involved sailor orgies.'
Shakala (Mormaer) tells the CLAN: 'Especially shit like "Oh my your naked i should be naked too!"'
Shakala (Mormaer) tells the CLAN: 'Let's just say the plot development wasn't up to literary standards.'
Shakala (Mormaer) tells the CLAN: 'Sailor Mercury took off her sexy bow and started licking Sailor Moon's sexy fucking pussy. '
Shakala (Mormaer) tells the CLAN: 'I used the term lovebox more times than I'd care to mention'
Shakala (Mormaer) tells the CLAN: 'And I think I used the term "love honey"'
Shakala (Mormaer) tells the CLAN: 'And I have to admit, I remember my depictions of the female orgasm to be very realistic.'
Shakala (Mormaer) tells the CLAN: 'I think I also wrote a story about a Sailor Scout training academy, where there were lots of sexual hijinx, let me tell you.'
Shakala (Mormaer) tells the CLAN: 'Damn, now I want to look on my old Packard Bell and find them.'
Shakala (Mormaer) tells the CLAN: 'I think I wrote a Noozles fanfic.'
Shakala (Mormaer) tells the CLAN: 'Old cartoon about magical koala bears.'
Shakala (Mormaer) tells the CLAN: 'I don't think those were sex stories. Maybe.'
#15554 + (139 ) X
(Imm) Slay: Lasher, Can U plz talk with me?
(Imm) Lasher: Slay, no, we have nothing to discuss.
(Imm) Slay: Lasher, it' not a discuss, i want to ask U to let me pay normally
(Imm) Dashiell gasps as he realizes what Slay did.
(Imm) Xyzzy snickers softly.
(Imm) Slay: err - play
(Imm) Anipopo: OMG slay in GQ payola scandal
(Imm) Jiraiya: play normally?
(Imm) BovineMan: WTF, play normally?
(Imm) Lasher: Eh? You're allowed to 'play normally' any
(Imm) Snuff: define normal.
(Imm) Porthos: actually slay play's now pretty normally,doesn't win every gq anymore :)
(Imm) VelvetLies: normally = strung out on sleep dep and caffiene for hours on end
(Imm) Slay: 'play normally' means 'play with standard after-backstab and after-spell lag'
(Imm) Calabus: you type awfully slow for winning so many gqs :)
(Imm) BovineMan chortles mischievously at Calabus.
(Imm) Snuff: heh
(Imm) Jiraiya: maybe his channels have lag too :P thanks Lash
(Imm) Lasher: How about your bot chats to my bot and they just do lunch?
#14877 + (138 ) X
Glacier (Burning Ember) tells the CLAN: 'Obli.. you almost made me spray cock all over the keyboard.'
Glacier (Burning Ember) tells the CLAN: 'COKE!!! COKE COKE COKE!!!'
#17728 + (137 ) X
[15 Sep 23:24:23] Citron TRIVIA: F - Fated to die soon.
[15 Sep 23:24:26] Hype TRIVIA: fatal
[15 Sep 23:24:26] Phish TRIVIA: fatal
[15 Sep 23:24:27] Purr TRIVIA: fatal
[15 Sep 23:24:27] Purelace TRIVIA: fatal
[15 Sep 23:24:30] Vaun TRIVIA: fucked
#19186 + (137 ) X
(Friend) Una: 'I said I wanted to do blow off a pristine labia!'
(Friend) Una: 'uh'
(Friend) Una: 'mis'
#15581 + (136 ) X
Chump questions 'can someone pls tell me what i can do with the dead person and sarcophagus in Kyn's Tomb of The Old Cathedral?'
Vaun answers 'well, are you a necrophiliac?'
#16373 + (136 ) X
Exraided tells you 'can I please have your open shop sw'
You tell Exraided 'It's buried.'
Zvain (Swashbuckler) tells the CLAN: 'Exraided tells you 'can I please get the sw to your open shop''
Collen (Sharkbait) tells the CLAN: 'Exraided tells you 'your clan mates are rude''
You tell Exraided 'OK I will tell you the speedwalk now.'
You tell Exraided 'still want it?'
You are now in AFK mode.
Your AFK message is now : HAHA NO

You = Purr
#15636 + (135 ) X
(Friend) Mt. Craigath: 'Today at work someone left a picture of the opossum urogenital system in my box that just said, "Opossums have two vaginas"'
#19267 + (135 ) X
<-)light(-> Tiana: nods i realize pattex could be an ass
.:|Wolf|:. Lasher: Well you have a little history of stirring things up once or twice yourself too.
<-)light(-> Tiana: nods i realize that as well
.:|Wolf|:. Lasher: I felt obliged to clear things up a little on the off chance anyone still listens to you.
#16009 + (134 ) X
trin dex
*You put a gun to the side of Dexx's head.
train dex
You spend 2 training sessions increasing your dexterity!
shelp trin

Social output for trindodge.
<1> - "Dodge this."
<2> - <player> says, "Dodge this."
<3> - You put a gun to the side of <target>'s head.
<4> - <player> puts a gun to the side of <target>'s head.
<5> - <player> puts a gun to the side of your head.
<6> - You pull the trigger.
<7> - <player> pulls a trigger.
Created by : Unknown

Line numbers correspond to those listed in 'HELP NEW SOCIAL'.
You tell Dexx 'That's what you get when you mistype train dex'
Dexx tells you 'i know.'
Dexx tells you 'i get it all the time'
#17103 + (134 ) X
(Imm) Lasher: Is it mean to get a spellup from someone's bot and then switch windows to jail them for it?
#16620 + (133 ) X
(Debate) MasterOf5 NakaKuro: 'I counter with a random ad hominem argument.'
(Debate) Ruckus: 'I counter your counter with a poorly constructed straw man attack.'
(Debate) MasterOf5 NakaKuro: 'I tear down your straw man, playing right into your hands.'
(Debate) Ruckus: 'and if you counter the counter to your counter I have an improper appeal to unestablished authority waiting on deck.'
(Debate) MasterOf5 NakaKuro: 'I hastily retort with poorly researched facts deliberately obfuscated.'
(Debate) Space Wyrm Circles: 'I ignore all your attacks and make poorly-judged and infantile suggestions regarding the conduct of your mothers'
(Debate) Ruckus: 'my witty rejoindre involves attacking an inessential assumption in your argument as if it were essential'
(Debate) MasterOf5 NakaKuro: 'I take extreme umbrage and imply that your facts were obtained from a disreputable and licentious source.'
(Debate) Ruckus: 'I set up a badly constructed analogy that is neither consistent with the evidence nor proves my point.'
(Debate) Space Wyrm Circles: 'I eagerly await the part where you ignore all the arguments against you and just repeat your previous statements, but with more self-righteous passion'
(Debate) MasterOf5 NakaKuro: 'I question your pedigree and insist that your construction is resulting from a defect of your national character.'
(Debate) Ruckus: 'I equivocate with respect to a key term in order to evade criticism for an obvious flaw in my argument'
(Debate) MasterOf5 NakaKuro: 'I denigrate your obvious ignorance of the most fundamental aspects of continental body politic.'
(Debate) Ruckus: 'I deliberately misquote a source but hope to hide the inaccuracy by quoting an inordinate volume of text'
(Debate) MasterOf5 NakaKuro: 'I sense your equivocation but in my ignorance of the actual text cannot pinpoint your dissemblage.'
(Debate) Ruckus: 'I fail to realize that I have won the argument and elevate my polemic into a hysterical frenzy'
(Debate) MasterOf5 NakaKuro: 'Thus I hammer your with irrelevancies and delight in my illusory victory.'
(Debate) Space Wyrm Circles: 'realising that it's almost lunch time and I'm getting hungry, I stand tall and proud and boldly proclaim, with no basis in fact whatsoever, that Hitler believed the same thing you do, and if you got your way we'd all be speaking German now.'
#14983 + (131 ) X
<<|Gaardian|>> Tech Bloke Danj resumes his search for anime-themed mugs
#15590 + (131 ) X
You tell your friends: 'I've decided I'm going to make up my own language to speak to newbs who send me wang/spellup tells'
Jeb tells you 'hi spells up pls?'
You tell Jeb 'jabbloo lamma samam hownitks english'
You tell Jeb 'somdrue di mado panzo?'
Jeb tells you 'lol:('
#17803 + (130 ) X
[ 73] Purr: A Raid Story
Board: Art
Date: Mon Feb 25 17:21:29 2008
To: all
"I don't understand why nobody likes us," murmured Franny to a loyal
companion guard. "We're strong, 'warrior women' but that shouldn't
intimidate people so much." The guard nodded noncommittally, but rolled
her eyes out of sight of the fearsome leader. "They're just jealous, my

Franny pondered this for a moment, but it was another of those concepts
that was a little too difficult to grasp. With a shrug, Franny grabbed the
guard's hand and tugged her towards the back of the clan hall. "Let's go
play ticket-taker."

Moments after the pair was out of sight, one of the large marble statues
lining the hallway began to shake. Muffled grunts sounded from behind the
statue, until finally it began to slide noisily to the side. After a few
seconds, an opening in the wall was revealed. Standing in the opening was
a small, impish creature with glowing eyes.

"You're right! It WAS a back entrance!!" cried the fae as he emerged into
the brightly lit warriors' hall.
"I told you!" said the second fae to spill out into the room.
"I know, but wow! We're here!"
"This is going to be the best prank ever," cried a third as he leapt in
and peered around the quiet hall.

Cheerful fae laughter began to fill the hall as more of them tumbled
through the opening. Following them, a bit more quietly, was a shadowed
and somber triton wrapped in a dark cloak. "You guys want to keep it down
a bit? We don't want to call this much attention to us yet." Confused eyes
blinked at the triton.

"Of course we do! How else are they going to know we're here??"
One of the fae produced a bullhorn from one of his bags and put it to his

Angry shouts echoed through the hall in response, along with the clangs of
people hastily donning their armor. The fae tittered happily and returned
to their random chaos. A can of spraypaint was produced, and various
crotches and butts were painted across the walls.

"Hey guys! I found a playroom!!!" came a voice from the next room over.
"Toys?!" Nearly all of the fae sprinted into the next room, only to pause
in confusion.
"This.... this is weird." said the triton, looking over the fae's heads at
the scene before them.
"It's like the KSR, only.. train-themed."
"Is that a caboose/sex-swing?"

As a fae rummaged happily through a drawer, she pulled out a relatively
small box.
"Awww, this is sooo cute!"
"What is it?"
"It's a cat that you can keep in your pocket! See, it says Pocket Pu-"
She was interupted by the raucous laughter of the rest of the group, and
pouted for a second before continuing. "I know Keeten doesn't like being
shoved into pockets. I bet this one isn't as grey though."
"Keeten is grey." Muttered one of the fae by rote.
"So grey!" They all responded, except the triton who looked midly
confused. The fae all glared at him expectantly.
"Umm.. So grey?" He tried, and they all beamed happily at him.
"Choo Choo!" cried out another fae. They all turned to look and blinked
in horror.
"That's CONDUCTOR Bob to you!!"
"Sorry, Conductor Bob? There's a big hole in your crotch."
"Nuh uh, I'm a guy!"
"No, in the pants. That outfit is crotchless."

And so it continued, with the fae merrily playing with the toys in this
new and disturbing version of the KSR. Finally the triton and two of the
more serious fae got down to business. One of them pulled out a wrinkled
and torn piece of paper from their pocket. "I got a map!" Holding it up,
he blinked at it, then flipped it around. Scratching his head, he turned
the paper again trying to orient himself. "So.. if I understand this
correctly, we can find stuff to buy THAT way," pointing down a dark hall.
Tossing the paper over his shoulder, he darted off down the hall with the
other fae close behind. The triton stopped and picked up the map, "Hey,
you forgot your..." glancing at the paper, the triton sighed and tossed it
aside before following the pair down the hall.

Soon, all of the fae were in the shop, shouting at the shopkeeper and
trying to be heard above the angry voices of the warrior women echoing
through the hall. Buying their fill of items without really looking at
them, they all blinked out of the hall one by one. Soon, all that was
left was a sticky mess in the play room, disgusting graffiti, and a lone
piece of paper laying in one of the rooms.

Franny picked up the paper, and frowned at it. "AN INSULT! On top of
everything else, they insult me!" Looking at the paper, a loyal guard
stifled a snicker at the stick-figure drawing of a well-endowed woman.
Scrawled across the top was the word 'map' and lettering across the bottom
indicated 'hahah, bewbz.'

In the fae hall, there was much merriment until they began opening their
bags and examining their loot. "WTF is this? You promised us cookies!"
shouted one of the fae in disgust, throwing a pair of earrings at the
ringleader. "Armor?! Where's the shiny glitter potion?" "Boots? Why
would I want boots?"

Franny leaned into the mirror, adjusting a touch of lipstick. Perfect.
Posing and leering through half-closed eyes, Franny muttered obscenely to
the reflection in the mirror. "Would you ride my train? I'd ride my
train." Franny began to dance, naked but for a shawl around the
shoulders. A loud knock at the door ended the dance.

"Uhh.. Delivery for a Mr. Franny -"
"That's MIZZ Franny!"
"Yeah, whatever."

Franny threw the door open. A large pile of the clan's equipment
immediately snowed down into the room, trapping Franny on the floor. The
express-man grinned at the sight, then tossed a piece of paper down next
to Franny's face.

"There's a message, too." He blinked out of the room with a laugh.

Franny groaned and turned to look at the message laying on the ground.
Written in crayon, it said:
Here's your junk back.
Please to be putting more cookies in your clanhall. And glittery
--The Fae [+ 1]-',{

Legal fine print:
Any similarity to persons appearing in this story and actual Aard players
is a happy, hilarious (imo) coincidence. This is a story, made up but
based on actual TRUE events. Your mileage may vary. I am not a lawyer.
I'm not a doctor, but I do play one on TV. I stayed at a holiday inn
express last night, and I enjoy subway sandwiches from time to time.

Oh, and ... sorry for an typos, but I tend to mix up F and T an awful

#17890 + (130 ) X
(Friend) Aescretia: 'You get gonorrhea from the frazzled corpse of a white swan.'
(Friend) Inicus: 'That's what you get for being a necrophiliac.'
#17351 + (129 ) X
Madcatz TRIVIA: Trivia Question #6: What is unique about the following letters? HFEAYXTK (and sometimes I or J)
Vaun TRIVIA: they spell out the next guy Xunti is gonna recruit
#15568 + (129 ) X
\}Tao{/ Cera: currently, when a pk clan member buys an item from their closed shop, does it add ownership?
.oOo.*Romani*.oOo. Arist: nope
o-}HooK{-o Vega: Join a real clan and find out.
\}Tao{/ Cera: just anwser the damn question. :p
(-DoH-) Vaun: if a NoPk clan member dies in a the trees applaud?
\}Tao{/ Cera: a dobbie is going to make fun of me. thats a riot.
>>>-IMPERIUM-> Tenar: if a man speaks in the forest with no woman around to hear him, is he still wrong?
(-DoH-) Vaun: a dobbie?
~-/Pyre\-~ Joker: a dohbie is still a gazzillion times better than some sorry ass nopk twatjizzdrip.
(-DoH-) Vaun: I R Wan Funny
o-}HooK{-o Vega: eheheh Vaun r house elf
\}Tao{/ Cera: like assholes, we all have our opinions.
(-DoH-) Vaun: or, open clan halls
>>>-IMPERIUM-> Chuft comforts Cera as they load her on a stretcher destined for the BURN ward.
#17312 + (128 ) X
-|Dominion|- Ruckus: last raid I was on with Skinner we had to tell him like 6 times that he had a key he was insisting he didn't have
-|Dominion|- Ruckus: it was impossible to get him to hand it over
>>>-IMPERIUM-> Farkyss: he probably wanted to sell it to you
#16232 + (126 ) X
-=*)Dragon(*=- Darkhawk: you guys should have satisfied
-=*)Dragon(*=- Darkhawk: my idea of a forst night is a dark room, ladty take down pants and ice is broken
-=*)Dragon(*=- Darkhawk: ic e is defeinetely broken
-=*)Dragon(*=- Darkhawk: fucn cock int pussy good but not satisfy soul
[Emerald] Morgann: You're like a fortune cookie with Tourette's.
o-}VWC{-o Takanata snickers softly.
--Daoine-',{@ Mirrim: You will have a bright and interesting future SHIT FUCK ASS.
--Daoine-',{@ Nyarlathotep: Translation: You will be thrown into the Sun.
-=*)Dragon(*=- Darkhawk: a dream that happens, more true than say
-=*)Dragon(*=- Darkhawk: I celestial throw me int sun a recharge
-=*)Dragon(*=- Darkhawk: possibly
[Emerald] Morgann: Are you just randomly throwing out stuff, or asking for suggestions on what words to make with your scrabble tile hand?
-=*)Dragon(*=- Darkhawk: a lick or suck a choce for a woman hmm
--Daoine-',{@ Mirrim: .... what the hell.
-=*)Dragon(*=- Darkhawk: heheh like scrable never collected
--Daoine-',{@ Mirrim: Morgann, he made me confused! He made me go 'what the heck was that'. The world is hurting :(
-=*)Dragon(*=- Darkhawk: for most women true
--Daoine-',{@ Mirrim: Morgann he's scaring me ; ;
--Daoine-',{@ Mirrim clings onto Morgann's legs for dear life, not letting him go anywhere.
-=*)Dragon(*=- Darkhawk: not handle love as far as they preach
[Emerald] Morgann: There, there... It'll be... Well, maybe okay. I'm not sure.
-=*)Dragon(*=- Darkhawk: no maybe morgan just eat
[Emerald] Morgann: As a matter of fact, I did not just eat... But it's kind of you to think of me.
-Daoine-',{@ Nyarlathotep: Why does the case wed the manufactured silicon?
-=*)Dragon(*=- Darkhawk: god damn dark one, I kill ob in amador itr end up mu qmob wrong time
.:|Wolf|:. Eclaboussure peers intently at Darkhawk.
.:|Wolf|:. Eclaboussure: i hope everyone is learning a lesson here
[Emerald] Morgann: Oh, great, now the only visible IMM is going to be driven insane...
.:|Wolf|:. Eclaboussure: i have been kinda watching
-=*)Dragon(*=- Darkhawk: killed mob smile now vis
--Daoine-',{@ Nyarlathotep: A pulp separates the first atmosphere on top of the coat.
.:|Wolf|:. Eclaboussure: say NO to drugs!
[Emerald] Morgann: It could be free verse, or just stream of consciousness...
--Daoine-',{@ Nyarlathotep: Around an audience freezes a told surplus.
-=*)Dragon(*=- Darkhawk: 860 qs completer, a n ormal,player
~-/Bunnies\-~ Soleila snuggles up to Darkhawk.
--Daoine-',{@ Nyarlathotep: The triumph profiles the linguistic addict before a gear.
-=*)Dragon(*=- Darkhawk: go damn it hard to type, if misspell forgive
[Emerald] Morgann: The spelling is the least of the concerns...
#16287 + (126 ) X
Saphyre (Dreolan) tells the CLAN: 'jolly. there's a word I wouldn't have thought to use in describing Lasher.'
#18016 + (125 ) X
Inicus (Mormaer) tells the CLAN: 'HEY ESCOBAR'
Inicus (Mormaer) tells the CLAN: 'CAN YOU AUCTION A TP'
Escobar (Teglach) tells the CLAN: 'Ok'

Escobar is auctioning a Trivia Point Token (Level 1, Num 440). Current bid is 100.

Inicus (Mormaer) tells the CLAN: 'Thanks'
Escobar (Teglach) tells the CLAN: 'Welcome'
Inicus (Mormaer) tells the CLAN: 'By the way'
Escobar (Teglach) tells the CLAN: 'Yeah?'
Inicus (Mormaer) tells the CLAN: 'Thanks for the donation to Daoine'

CLANINFO: Inicus has changed the tax rate of The Daoine Sidhe from 0% to 100%.

--Daoine-',{@ Escobar falls to the ground and rolls around, laughing hysterically.
[Rogues] Dfury cheers and sings... he is just BURSTING with joy!
(-DoH-) Decimator: Wow!
{chaos} Wrilley rolls on the floor laughing at Inicus's antics!
--Daoine-',{@ Escobar: Pwnt.
--Daoine-',{@ Escobar: You are taxed 4,368,000 by your clan! - Trivia Point Token SOLD to Myrkul for 4,800,000 gold.

CLANINFO: Inicus has changed the tax rate of The Daoine Sidhe from 100% to 0%.
#19185 + (125 ) X
Betrayal (First Mate) tells the CLAN: 'baby just gave me a sticker and said its a sticker of love for daddies that give me candy'
Betrayal (First Mate) tells the CLAN: 'pwnt'
Betrayal (First Mate) tells the CLAN: 'brb..gettin candy...'
#15717 + (124 ) X
(WanGrp?!) (56, Angelic) Fiction: noob draghging service is open for the next 30 min , i help the weakest player
(WanGrp?!) (52, Satanic) Lin )
(WanGrp?!) (171, Demonic) Fiendish: i'm pretty weak
(WanGrp?!) (105, Angelic) Vaun: so is Fiction's spelling
(WanGrp?!) (63, Satanic) Dexx: but who is going to help you?
(WanGrp?!) (56, Angelic) Fiction: normal noi one wan help me you can help me dexx
(WanGrp?!) (105, Angelic) Vaun english speak good 4 u!
(WanGrp?!) (63, Satanic) Dexx: even i have my limits.... ;)
(WanGrp?!) (56, Angelic) Fiction: vaun stfu plz man your on my pk list now
(WanGrp?!) (95, Satanic) Tremilon goes ooOOooOOoo.
(WanGrp?!) (105, Angelic) Vaun: wait, let me practice being afraid
(WanGrp?!) (201, Angelic) A Horde of Shriekmancers suddenly appear and utter the word 'PHj33R'.
(WanGrp?!) (201, Angelic) An ominous aura coalesce out of nowhere... You feel a little Shriekphobic.
(WanGrp?!) (56, Angelic) Fiction: no need just dont go in pk rooms
(WanGrp?!) (95, Satanic) Tremilon barks at Vaun scaring him senseless.
(WanGrp?!) (171, Demonic) Fiendish: can you even pk people, fiction?
(WanGrp?!) (105, Angelic) Vaun: by the time you type bs vaun, I'll be like 8 rooms away man
(WanGrp?!) (146, Satanic) Mach giggles.
(WanGrp?!) (18, Angelic) Delazo yawns at Fiction.
(WanGrp?!) (56, Angelic) Fiction: not yet but its a list when i see he is claned i scry him a couple of times a day
(WanGrp?!) (56, Angelic) Fiction: off
(WanGrp?!) (171, Demonic) Fiendish: ehe
(WanGrp?!) (105, Angelic) Vaun: umm, i r been clanned like yrs
(WanGrp?!) (18, Angelic) Delazo claps at Fiction's performance.
(WanGrp?!) (105, Angelic) Vaun: and I r like been scried today no times
(WanGrp?!) (95, Satanic) Tremilon: im claned:P
(WanGrp?!) (95, Satanic) Tremilon: for another 106 lvs at least
(WanGrp?!) (171, Demonic) Fiendish: me too
(WanGrp?!) (171, Demonic) Fiendish: does your clan have good eq, tremilon?
(WanGrp?!) (105, Angelic) Vaun: clans have eq?
(WanGrp?!) (95, Satanic) Tremilon: only the best
(WanGrp?!) (105, Angelic) Vaun: cool
(WanGrp?!) (95, Satanic) Tremilon laughs out loud.

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