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(Friend) Ruckus: 'when you milk the cows are they like, 'OH GOD YES! UHHHHHH! HARDER! HARDER!!'?'
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(Friend) Three dead Dashiell: 'I EAT SEMEN'
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Pudge (Transcendent) tells the CLAN: 'i claim no responibility for a
possible story that will be posted by a daoine member on clan in the near
Pudge (Transcendent) tells the CLAN: 'its about the daoine webpage crashing
my netscape and vyndalas asking me if i relieved myself on my computer to
cause it'
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(Imm) Grumpy Lasher: Lets play socket dice.
(Imm) Grumpy Lasher: It's like battleships, we dice 1,255 4 times and if the i/p address matches an online player you get to nuke them and win points equal to their level.
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Bobojob Haart tells you 'a pede is someone who is a mix of a homosexual, pervert, and child/animal molester, thus very close to being Ashkelon'
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--Daoine-',{@ Jilted: INFO: New post #13945 in forum General from Jilted Subj: Jesus Christ about the Frostbite already
<(=Watchmen=)> Starky: INFO: New post #13946 in forum General from Starky Subj: Re: Christ about the Frostbite already
<(=Watchmen=)> Starky: fuck I fail
>>>-IMPERIUM-> Vaun: well, you are in watchmen
[Ba'al] Forestseer: INFO: New post #13947 in forum General from Forestseer Subj: You're ghey
<(=Watchmen=)> Starky: well besides that obviously
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(Friend) Mirrim'sHo Kallandra: 'norton my friend, how would you like to fuck me up the ass?'
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Pademelon Torasin tells you 'You're not a ho, you're a provider of mental well being.'
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(Friend): You nod.
(Friend) BovineMan: 'Well, it wouldn't be a day of the week if xxxx wasn't bitching about something.'
(Friend) BovineMan: 'Did I say that outloud?'
(Friend): Exactly.
(Friend) Obyron: 'CLEAR FTALK.'
(Friend) BovineMan: 'rofl oby'
(Friend) BovineMan: 'SOMEONE CALL SOMEONE'
(Friend): Xantcha chuckles at Obyron's joke.
(Friend): Cyanide follows bovineman
(Friend): BovineMan giggles.
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You tell the CLAN: 'When the game of life makes you feel like quittin'
You tell the CLAN: 'It helps a lot if you kill a kitten'
You tell the CLAN: 'Mark my words, cause form where i'm sittin'
You tell the CLAN: 'you cant go wrong if you kill a kitten'

(Cailleac Bhuer) CLAN: You are slapped by A FOOMING Mirrim.
(Cailleac Bhuer) CLAN: You are slapped by A FOOMING Mirrim.
(Cailleac Bhuer) CLAN: You are slapped by A FOOMING Mirrim.
(Cailleac Bhuer) CLAN: You are slapped by A FOOMING Mirrim.

CLAN ANNOUNCEMENT: Mirrim has demoted Joelz to the rank of Uasal!

Mirrim (Cailleac Bhuer) tells the CLAN: '... :E'
(Uasal) CLAN: You gasp in astonishment.

You tell the CLAN: 'and if you need yarn for that scarf you're knittin, you'll get plenty when you kill a kitten!'

CLAN ANNOUNCEMENT: Mirrim has demoted Joelz to the rank of Marasgal!

You tell the CLAN: 'feed it terpentine'

Your clan leader has demoted you.
CLAN ANNOUNCEMENT: Mirrim has demoted Joelz to the rank of Truthair!

You tell the CLAN: 'or break its spine'

Your clan leader has demoted you.
CLAN ANNOUNCEMENT: Mirrim has demoted Joelz to the rank of Dreolan!

You tell the CLAN: 'crush it with your shoe'

Your clan leader has demoted you.
CLAN ANNOUNCEMENT: Mirrim has demoted Joelz to the rank of Teglach!

You tell the CLAN: 'as long as you...'
You tell the CLAN: 'kill a kitten'

(Cailleac Bhuer) CLAN: CLAN ANNOUNCEMENT: A FOOMING Mirrim has demoted Fae Wino Joelz to the rank of Sux0r!
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(Friend) (Magical) Felizia: 'what is it about this mud that makes grown women wa
nt to seduce teenage boys? :('
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Yhogurk answers 'I'm trying to save my pracs to convert to trains :)'

JustMe answers 'nods thats a good theory but you can also use them to get skills that are helpful'
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(Friend) Jexebelle: 'Everyone thinks I'm kawaii, just cause I'm white. Best racisim ever.'
(Friend) Jexebelle: 'If that doesn't make the quote page, I hate you all'
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<|>Rhabdo<|> Dawnreaver Nightfall : Creamy goat.. flavor of the month down at baskin robbins.
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Abelinc answers 'it's good to have both sites bookmarked...no sense limiting yourself to a single resource'
Chuft answers 'shame your mother limited herself to a single means of birth control :/'
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From : Valor: raid should be scheduled
Forum : Ideas - #13293
To : all
Date : Thu Apr 21 21:03:26 2011
As the game progress and there are more players, I think it would be sensible
to make raid only available at certain time, perhaps once a week so that it
will make defenders ready. I see that a lot of online games implement
scheduling for raiding which will attract more fairness to the game.

With instinct, potential, mastery, all t9 raiders, weak clan guard and element
of surprise, I can say that raiding is broken.



From : Trollemite: chaos raid 8pm next thursday
Forum : General - #18406
To : chaos all
Date : Thu Apr 21 21:10:58 2011

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(Friend) Munchy's Mauddib: 'And my ass doesn't make cheese it
bakes Muffins'
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[201 T0 Eldar MLT] D ShiZniT Cochimetl HunD B ^^ngl (Male Barbarian)

[Multiclass Player: Warrior / Cleric / Thief / Psionicist / Mage / Paladin / Ran
ger ]

Cochimetl is a Ringleader of Loqui.

Cochimetl is tacticly spoused to LordSation.

Quest Points : [ 426] Qp Earned : [ 67978]
Quests Complete : [ 4130] Quests Failed: [ 763] Gquests Won : [ 0]
Campaigns Done : [ 37] Duels Won : [ 19]
Hours Online : [ 13405] V2 Birth Date: [ 25 Apr 2002 ]

Monsters Killed : [ 83105] Times Killed : [ 232]
Combat Maze Kills: [ 11] Combat Maze Deaths : [ 11]
Trained Stats : [ 971] Powerups : [ 4281] [ 188]

--------------------------[ Cochimetl's Description ]----------------------
Burnproof Flag 500k. Nolocate 1 million. c conceal 40 mana. c fireproof 60 mana.
Pissing off all the people who bitch & complain about stupid shit like flag pla
cement Priceless!! Hmmm now let me see here. Spend gold needlessly for a flag th
at can be added by a spell. Yup that makes total sense! Thanks for making me tak
e a closer look at this retards!!!!

Yes...everyone loves concealing EQ...and adding burnproof with a spell is temporary. Pretending you know something when you obviously don't: Priceless.
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(Friend) I will Domen: 'No, actually drastic would be you kidnapping the Secretary of State and his daughter so that you can detonate all the nuclear power plants in the US as a distraction while you steal the Nuclear Football and launch nuclear warheads at Los Angeles'
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You are in area : Vidblain, the Ever Dark
Area created by : Lasher
Level range is : 0 to 0
Players near you:
Kylenne Linear A
Joelz A Temporal Anomaly

You yell 'i want kylenne'
You yell 'ooh baby'
Soul Glo Kylenne yells 'Fi dollah'
You yell 'tree fitty?'
Soul Glo Kylenne yells 'Deal!!'
You yell 'score'
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(Imm) Hidden Lasher: "Your pfile license to Aardwolf is valid for life, but all development has now stopped, the new mud is called cWolf, feel free to join"
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Cosmi: if we all gang up on valk we can watch him kill us!
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xxx tells you 'I can't send tells!'
xxx tells you 'I got notelled! :P'
You tell xxx 'erm'
You tell xxx 'how did you send that then?'
xxx tells you '(I don't think it applies to reply)'
You tell xxx 'oh'
You tell xxx 'what did you do?'
xxx tells you 'I erm...'
xxx tells you 'I tried to show someone that you don't get nochanned for sending spammy tells....'
xxx tells you 'But apparently I was wrong...'
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(Friend) Blessed Balaam: 'I have a penis fetish. I can't get aroused without my penis.'
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Kojiro barters: 100k to the person that doors me and unlocks this door in giant's pet store
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Highpriest Charybdis says 'only ability of a halfling you can respect is the fact they don't have to kneel to give head'
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Dexter tells the Humans: 'humans to war? :P'
Dexter tells the Humans: 'ultimate isnt on range!!'
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(Friend) Dark Rogue Thantaris: 'Just state the big cliche... If you love something let it go, if it comes back, it's meant to be. If it doesn't, PK the fucking whore.'
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Malak (Teglach) tells the CLAN: 'PULL'
(Teglach) CLAN: Jilted tosses an unmentionable up in the air, she loves it!
(Teglach) CLAN: Malak pulls out a gun and blows an unmentionable's fucking head off.
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Snowblossom says 'We are gathered here in unholy matrimony to join Gwydion and
Mirrin in a bond of everlasting Lust and Passion'
Mirrim . o O ( Gee, if it's about lust and passion, I'm marrying Davina! *lust*)
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Dyro gossips '## You are now sober. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo'
Poker Slut Wolfric gossips 'there is a cure'
A Can of Pringle gossips 'Avoid hangovers. Stay drunk.'
You gossip 'I got the cure...

You fill The Empty Head of a (Retribution) (Raider) with absinthe.
Semoene is auctioning The Empty Head of a (Retribution) (Raider) (Level 1, Num 892). Current bid is 100.

You barter: 892: drunken bloated raider head :D
Poker Slut Wolfric barters: arnt they drunken and bloated before they raid?
ArchBishop Malcor barters: ouch.

The Empty Head of a (Retribution) (Raider) SOLD to Dyro for 40,000 gold.
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(Friend) Spanky Yekio: 'And I'm in a new cunt every other week, what's your point?'
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Argen tells you 'gclan is like aard's version of /b/, it's a maelstrom of stupidity :p'
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<-)light(-> Siam: night all and have a great halowinenie
o-}HooK{-o Jagad: man.. I hope he gets some chep halowinenie candy.
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(Friend) SexyPants EmmyLou: 'wonder how many times one can type the words sex dwarf without attracting the fbi's attention'
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(Imm) Dexter: huh this is odd
(Imm) Dagonet: you Dying, not at all!
(Imm) Dexter: how someone can attack me in nopk room???

INFO: Dexter is sent with a blood curdling scream by Dagonet to meet Taboo.

(Imm) Dexter: there some new skill?
(Imm) Jameson: intrap
(Imm) Remarto: entrap
(Imm) DjDoodles: entrap
(Imm) Dexter: wasnt pk room
(Imm) Dagonet: happens when you attack someone in a pk room , they get something called revenge!
(Imm) DjDoodles: retaliation?
(Imm) Remarto: Lol
(Imm) Deathlok: lol
(Imm) Hwuaijijal: dexter's a t9? how interesting
(Imm) Dexter: ah yeah i did heavenly blahbalh
(Imm) Deathlok: a cold dish
(Imm) Remarto: when did that happen
(Imm) Dagonet: moral of the story, do not attack someone in a pk room run away and sit in the next room going LaLa
(Imm) Dexter: well no big deal, didnt lose anything =)
(Imm) Dexter: HAA HAA :P
(Imm) Dexter: if i'd lost 1m then i'd be pissed =)
(Imm) Dagonet: on and patting them on the head!
(Imm) Dexter: well i just got off from work :P
(Imm) Dagonet: Your revenge on Dexter is complete.
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-=*)Dragon(*=- BowlSmokin Flak : yeah doh's message should be "has gone to war to defend his cheese sandwich and lunch money"
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You tell Filt 'Could you please do me a little favour? Neeple and I were having mudsex last night, but we had to stop short because he was picking up Danj from somewhere. Now I'm stuck in his imm room and he's passed out from something :P Could you trans me please? :)'
Filt tells you 'Trust me, I've been in the EXACT same situation. No problem.'
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(Friend) Ultimate: 'there is one other gay thing i do and i cant think of it'
(Friend) DjVoltron: 'suck dick?'
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(Friend) Timeghost: 'pity, my calendar is not just booked, it's overcrowded until end of August :('
(Friend) Timeghost: 'I almost have to look into the calendar to find the time when I can go pee'
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(Friend) Zeeg: 'Its not my fault I have an overpowering desire to spank you while your but is moist with lotion.''
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Friend) Dispel Majic: 'we need a babysitter'

(Friend) Dispel Majic: 'i suggest sugarbuns cwaigath'

(Friend): Dispel Majic points at you. How rude!

You tell your friends: 'DIE'

(Friend) Dispel Majic: 'she can babysit all daves!'

800 babies named Dave arrives from a puff of smoke.

800 babies named Dave now follows you.

You watch in horror as 800 babies named Dave screams 'MUMMY!!' and rushes towards you.

You tell your friends: 'Oh jesus'

With a thunderclap, The U.S.S. Dashiell appears in the room.

The U.S.S. Dashiell stops using Ship Anchor.
The U.S.S. Dashiell equips your ocular orifice as a portal.

The U.S.S. Dashiell rolls on the floor laughing at 800 babies named Dave's antics!

(Friend) Dispel Majic: 'as long a they don't get mistaken for goats'

27 Mar 16:30 - Dispel Majic tells you 'read the desc :P'

look dave
800 children are climbing around on a heap. There's some water on the
floor, so there's not much hope for the bottom layer, but Darwin rules!
Survival of the fittest!. You feel sorry for them, but realize it's not
your fault, but it's the product of Majic and Chuft's vigorous coitus.
800 babies named Dave is in perfect health.

27 Mar 16:30 - Dispel Majic tells you 'and listen to them :P'

800 babies named Dave asks 'Majic got pregnant again and here is the result. Quite some odd looking CHAPS. Bollocks! I wonder who the BLOODY father is? Cup of tea, chap?'

(Friend) Dispel Majic: 'well someone has to babysit the 800 daves while i go to the laundromat'
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[04 Jan 18:21:46] (Imm) Nasus: Someone hacked Tonelocs character
[04 Jan 18:21:58] (Imm) Tyebald: looks like it
[04 Jan 18:22:12] (Imm) Nasus: Any Imms online?
[04 Jan 18:22:15] (Imm) Turie: Toneloc is being nice?
[04 Jan 18:22:26] (Imm) Nasus: There is a character hacking currently going on
[04 Jan 18:23:58] (Imm) Toneloc: i turned opk off because i dont level, i get distracted
[04 Jan 18:24:22] (Imm) Nasus: Who is in Tonelocs range that he is afraid of
[04 Jan 18:24:32] (Imm) Toneloc pets Nasus.
[04 Jan 18:24:58] (Imm) Dash points excitedly at Daithi!
[04 Jan 18:25:17] (Imm) Derevo: oh, reporters can kill irl too
[04 Jan 18:25:43] (Imm) Toneloc: yes daithi scares the shit out of me
[04 Jan 18:25:50] (Imm) Toneloc: channel back off
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[95373] Fiction: last night.
Board: Personal
Date: Fri Feb 29 11:18:50 2008
hi all,

About last night

Thank you 4 for saving my ass and saved my eq.

You guys have helped me even when i acted like an asshole.
THANKS GUYS this deed doesen't come unnoticed.

This is a rare act but i apoligize for my behavior latly.

As you know i am not the nicest guy and i do not care about
annything but my spouse but i try and stop charging you're rooms

p.s what happend i have no wimpy set was talkin to hexi it was
about 01:00 and wanted to go to bed typed home at the tanglewire
spelled up and told hexi night but dident realized i was still
in the tanglewrite room and you can do the math.

so basicly i was careless just wanted to go to bed badly

Okey for the last time


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(Imm) Fiendish: there's only one good reason to take off your mask in public, and that's to eat a dick under the highway
(Imm) Fiendish: basically any time I see someone not wearing a mask in public r/n I'm like "I didn't even know there was a highway near here"
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INFO: Radience embraces Tianshi who died valiantly in combat against Tianshi.

Tianshi the CLAN: 'fuck, i walked into our cmaze by accident'
TrEz tells the CLAN: 'how do you walk in the cmaze by accident :p'

INFO: Radience embraces Tianshi who died valiantly in combat against a mass of tentacles.

Tianshi tells the CLAN: 'oh fck me :p'
Tianshi tells the CLAN: 'forgot to heal'
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(Friend) Oneechan Enthyme: 'you also have siris :p'
(Friend) Lunatic Soleila: 'so? I tank'
(Friend) Oneechan Enthyme: 'the two of you whack hard'
(Friend) Lunatic Soleila: 'its not for the whacking, its for the sniggling'
(Friend): You roll on the floor, laughing hysterically.
(Friend) Lunatic Soleila: 'because she said I need siris to whack hard'
(Friend) Undertaken Anaristos: 'bushwhacking for fun and profit.'
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(Curse) Yahmillay: Ok my spouse isn't online which leaves me free to flirt with any other lady I want if it's ok with the lady of choice at the time... Hurrah! Now who wants to cyber with me?:P
(Curse) Luc raises his hand.
(Curse) Mowse acks!
(Curse) Yahmillay: lol
(Curse) Luc: not really, just figured I'd be stupid
(Curse) Purr: Raded might be available, not sure
(Curse) Taeryn: If he isn't, check with Pleiades.
(Curse) Mael raises your hand.
(Curse) Yahmillay: They indulge in cyber sex?!B)
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22 May 14:02 - Dwyan tells you 'Your warhorse 'Retri-Raper' comes galloping to your side.'
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(Friend) Cpt.Rascal Vega: 'One time when I was little I mentioned my mom's penis and my brother was like "Mom doesn't have a penis." and I just said "OH YES SHE DOES!!!11"'

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