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Denile (Master Bard) tells the clan: 'hmm... i think the best bak could do
would be about 3 minutes of passion followed by a night of "What do you mean,
it broke?"'
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(Group) MusHy buG Majic: 'people are going to show up at your place and inspect my crotch for bzz!'
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Apprentice Oladon says '...'

You . o O ( ... )

Apprentice Oladon asks 'Are you /really/ sure you want to go down this road again?'

You . o O ( What are you talking about? )

Apprentice Oladon says 'Some of us still remember you from last time around.'

You . o O ( Last round? )

Apprentice Oladon says 'Renames don't make Imms magically "forget" people.'

You . o O ( Haha, you think I'm trying to evade somebody? You think you know me too well. )

You . o O ( Can I ask what your problem is here? )

Apprentice Oladon says 'No, I don't think you're trying to evade anyone.'

Apprentice Oladon raises an eyebrow.

Apprentice Oladon says 'My "problem" is the newbie alt you just created.'

Apprentice Oladon says 'And your behavior that's been worsening (again) over the past few months.'

Apprentice Oladon says 'I'm asking you if you really want to go down this road again.'

You . o O ( What was your problem with it? )

Apprentice Oladon says 'Maybe you should take a few hours and think that question over.'

You . o O ( What behaviour problems have you been recognizing? )

You . o O ( Well, you came to speak with me, so obviously I'd like your input as to what my correct actions should be. )

Apprentice Oladon says 'Give me a break and quit playing dumb. You tell me what was wrong with the alt you just created. And tell me after you get back. Goodbye.'

You have been frozen by Oladon until 09:19PM on 24 Oct 2009.
Reason: newbie alt "AnnealBeads", arrogance when confronted

You tell Sagen 'Hi, are you there?'

*Sagen nods at you in agreement.

You tell Sagen 'Could we have a quick chat?'

*Sagen nods at you in agreement.

You tell Sagen 'Well, Oladon just froze me for a few hours for 'arrogance'. She's the one who came up to me with hostility, in my opinion. And I guess since she thinks she knows of me and everything I am, that my responses to her were seen as arrogant. I can show you the entire conversation if you haven't read it already. I have had problems with the administration in the past, and I was honestly trying to understand what issues she is having with me in the present, but instead of trying to communicate with me, she froze me.'

Sagen has summoned you.
Jail (G)

Sagen bows deeply.

You . o O ( wtf )

Sagen says 'You might be better off talking with Oladon, as she is the one who originally talked to you.'

You . o O ( Why am I in jail? Aren't you allowed to use alts why frozen? )

Sagen asks 'as long as you behave, but you wanted a chat right?'

Sagen says 'Well question...'

You . o O ( I'm getting a little upset right now, I think I might just leave it alone. )

Sagen asks 'Why did you create Annealbeads?'

Oladon tells you 'I've already told you what was wrong with your "behavior" this evening. Namely, the alt you just created. Now, if you have a problem, you need to talk to me, not try to go around me to another Imm.'

You . o O ( It was an innocent joke about my clan, Ultimate even said he was going to recruit it, I didn't even have a chance to say anything about it. )

Sagen says 'you're talking to oladon apparently'

Sagen bows deeply.

Sagen has summoned you.
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(WanGrp?!) (117, Satanic) Jayden: Anyone wanna be Dragged?
(WanGrp?!) (112, Angelic) Hail! Ceasar raises his hand.
(WanGrp?!) (117, Satanic) Jayden ( You are good but I will drag you :P
(WanGrp?!) (112, Neutral) Hail! Ceasar: I am not good
(WanGrp?!) (117, Satanic) Jayden: O.o WTF? you were just Angelic 2 seconds ago LOL
(WanGrp?!) (201, Nice) Agent Ashkelon: dude
(WanGrp?!) (201, Nice) Agent Ashkelon: that's impossible
(WanGrp?!) (201, Nice) Agent Ashkelon: jayden do you think he is an immortals alt
(WanGrp?!) (117, Satanic) Jayden: You see that too?
(WanGrp?!) (56, Angelic) Slepnir: im freakin out man...
(WanGrp?!) (76, Angelic) Drakoth: those rowdy daoine tricksters
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Pringle (Dreolan) tells the CLAN: 'But in modern Jewish society, did you know that not having sex often enough is grounds for divorce?'
BovineMan (Teglach) tells the CLAN: 'I'm going to become a Jew.'
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(Friend) Borrow Chfut: 'ok how wthe ficck do i get o the vrabarins loard ifn highelands'

(Friend) Borrow Chfut: 'ineeedd help'

(Friend) Borrow Chfut: 'perhps not'

(Friend) Borrow Chfut: 'ruuuuuuumm ius so gooooooood'

(Friend) Borrow Chfut: 'picklock ics eceeelllent'
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Karlos tells the CLAN: 'sh loud next tick'


[ 10 minutes of double exp started courtesy of donations being open ]
[ See 'help donate' - get QP/TP for helping support Aardwolf! ]

Karlos tells the CLAN: 'wtf'
Tianshi tells the CLAN: 'Lol fail'
Escobar tells the CLAN: 'LOL GAAANKED!'
Bonjour tells the CLAN: 'FAIL'
Karlos tells the CLAN: 'epic fail. lasher doesn't want me to tier'
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(Friend) wusSy buG Ashkelon: 'ruhl, vega, you both think i am screwing animals =p'
You tell your friends: 'You aren't?'
(Friend) wusSy buG Ashkelon: 'not today, maybe tomorrow =p'
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(Friend) Evil Imm Cadaver: 'leaf will be happy to know that my area's first mob
is 'a pathetic elven ranger seems afraid of the shadows''
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Pademelon Torasin tells you 'Seriously, female, male, fish or foul, I'd give them head as long as beer is forthcoming. :P'
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(Friend) Really R. Bigman: 'once I dropped the soap and then I had to pretend it wasn't mine:P'
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{chaos} Black Kirgas: that's why i have a clan we actually do stuff togther not just watch thelme and louise while masturbating each other
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(WanGrp?!) (24, Angelic) Tiumas: anybodyup for Kul Tiras?
(WanGrp?!) (115, Angelic) Vaun: you dont need a group in Kul Tiras
(WanGrp?!) (24, Angelic) Tiumas: you do when you';re my level!
(WanGrp?!) (115, Angelic) Vaun: I've been your level
(WanGrp?!) (115, Angelic) Vaun: 6 times
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(Imm) Dexter: i shouldnt. my gf would probably disapprove. :P
(Imm) Pohhui: did u pay for her aswell?
(Imm) Hazeknight: I need to make some comment about excessive brain damage, but there's a personal attack in it
(Imm) Trurien: It's OK, the girlfriend won't be offended.
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From : Voldemort: Seeks a spouse
Forum : Roleplay - #1
To : All
Date : Wed Jan 13 11:58:17 2010
Hello I am a 71 year old DarkWizard
My name is never to be said not matter what happens
S.A.S (Seeks A Spouse) the requirements are
-Must be willing to Polish my Wand
-Must have atleast gained more than 201levels
-Must be able to defeat me in a Wand Duel (lol I just to say that)
-Must have a deep hatred for the Human and Centaur race
And lastly and most importantly
-Must be Neuter/Sexless:|

Please Send Me your owl with your application to
Hogwarts locker 075946

With not so much love and Alot of hate
You Know Who (dum dum dum)

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Ravyan questions 'can someone save me from the deep dark hole of paradise lost?'
Vaun answers 'literally or metaphorically?'
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(Friend) . Jilted: 'Some say I'm robbing the cradle, but *I* say *she's* robbing the grave!'
#15106 + (26 ) X
Jack o' Spades quotes 'Better watch out, goodz is from Brooklyn. Like the Mario brothers.'
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(Friend) Flirty Ferra: 'im beginning to think my cats eat just so they can throw it up and give me something to do'
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(Curse) Zafirah: what kind of a sick fuck shoots up an amish school?? :P
(Curse) Jilted: I dunno, what kind?
(Curse) Jilted . o O ( I love amish jokes )
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(Imm) Dexter: huh this is odd
(Imm) Dagonet: you Dying, not at all!
(Imm) Dexter: how someone can attack me in nopk room???

INFO: Dexter is sent with a blood curdling scream by Dagonet to meet Taboo.

(Imm) Dexter: there some new skill?
(Imm) Jameson: intrap
(Imm) Remarto: entrap
(Imm) DjDoodles: entrap
(Imm) Dexter: wasnt pk room
(Imm) Dagonet: happens when you attack someone in a pk room , they get something called revenge!
(Imm) DjDoodles: retaliation?
(Imm) Remarto: Lol
(Imm) Deathlok: lol
(Imm) Hwuaijijal: dexter's a t9? how interesting
(Imm) Dexter: ah yeah i did heavenly blahbalh
(Imm) Deathlok: a cold dish
(Imm) Remarto: when did that happen
(Imm) Dagonet: moral of the story, do not attack someone in a pk room run away and sit in the next room going LaLa
(Imm) Dexter: well no big deal, didnt lose anything =)
(Imm) Dexter: HAA HAA :P
(Imm) Dexter: if i'd lost 1m then i'd be pissed =)
(Imm) Dagonet: on and patting them on the head!
(Imm) Dexter: well i just got off from work :P
(Imm) Dagonet: Your revenge on Dexter is complete.
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(Friend) Escobar: 'INFO: All please welcome Tylos back from recreation! -- You tell Tylos 'Welcome back from recreation! You should have a taco salad''
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(Friend) Cosmi: 'OMG there is a Midget at work, i'm in love'
(Friend) Cosmi: 'i want to carry her around everywhere and dress her up'
(Friend) Cosmi: 'but i dont think it's appropriate my first week there'
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Shar (Teglach) tells the CLAN: 'I think thantaris is yiddish for deceiving little meanie...'
#15221 + (21 ) X
Quasi-Newb Vaun tells you 'woohoo, thanks for adding those!! I'll erase what I wrote abolut you on the wall in the midgarrd restroom'
#15706 + (20 ) X
Blackdragon (Novice) tells the CLAN: 'fuck, my computer just got a virus, the trojan horse'
Vaun (Advisor) tells the CLAN: 'well, at least you can burn down Troy now'
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(Etzli's Birthday)

Happy Birthday, CEtzli! Here is to having a great birthday and hopefully the beginning
of a great year :) Turie & Lane
Paramore has restored you.

[12 Jan 18:31:26] (Imm) Cheezburger: Cetzli :P

(One hour later...)
[Big HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out to, Honid! Thanks for
all your HELP on Aardwolf!!] - The [HELPER] Team
Nubbly Dreamfyre has restored you.

[12 Jan 19:44:40] [HELPER]: Dreamfyre: oh BALLS
(Imm) Etzli: First Paramore with CEtzli, then ... now with Honid
instead of Etzli. Yay! :P

SORRY. Typo. Here we go again:
[Big HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out to, ETZLI! Thanks for
all your HELP on Aardwolf!!] - The [HELPER] Team

[HELPER]: Dreamfyre: seriously, i think maybe i'll just nuke myself and
leave it at that.
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(Imm) TrEz: im a male dood, I dunno how starbucks tastes
(Imm) Gaury: why is your aard sex female?
(Imm) TrEz: cuz people would drop me tells to seduce me
(Imm) TrEz: then I'd talk to them for hours
(Imm) TrEz: get their pics and stuff
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Purelace (Dragon Lord) tells the CLAN: 'kids bump into things all the time. I don't know how you deal with them in a day care center granola'
Granola (Page) tells the CLAN: 'I lock them all in a box until right before their parents come to pick them up. Then i force them to eat, change them, and make a huge mess so it looks like theyve been playing all day'
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(Friend) Majic: 'Most people can't solve this in 30 seconds. Can you? Say the opposite of these words: 1. Always 2. Coming 3. From 4. Take 5. Me 6. Down'
(Friend) Razor: 'doh'
(Friend) Razor: 'you got me.'
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(Friend) I Lost My Halo: 'we are sitting at the table and Billy says, So, mom, is there a president? I say yes. Dene says Abraham Lincoln... Billy says, Abraham lincoln is dead. And we all know that you have to be president and die before you get your face on that mountain.'
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INFO: Bremen has been reborn as a floppy-eared bunny.
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< Global Spellup Courtesy of Halo >

Lasher utters the words, 'sanctuary'.

Lasher utters the words, 'zaroabraeg wuoph'.
Lasher blesses you with Valgard's might.

Lasher utters the words, 'aid'.

Lasher utters the words, 'qcandusahafg xugeaw'.
Lasher grants you a share of his wisdom.

Lasher utters the words, 'gpuyhlg grzuoph ay paie'.
Lasher empowers you with sleight of hand.

< Global Spellup Courtesy of Halo >

(Imm) Fiendish: atreidess's spells last longer
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(Friend) Ealodia: 'i wonder if joker's wild....hehheh'
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Mirrim (Cailleac Bhuer) tells the CLAN: 'If gonorrhea was a piano, Torasin would be a bold and unpredictable new talent.'
#19460 + (26 ) X
Emerald Stoic Aldus : this isn't a game, listen here ty, I make min wage, have dial-up access and have no ability to act socially with people in real life, so call it a game all you want, this is my real freaking life!
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Habit (Captain) tells the CLAN: 'You are sellin your house, Betty? How is the market for double-wides right now?'
Betrayal (First Mate) tells the CLAN: 'iuno..mines a camper'
Betrayal (First Mate) tells the CLAN: 'mr richass double wide'
(First Mate) CLAN: Betrayal peers intently at Habit.
(Captain) CLAN: Habit snickers softly.
#14932 + (16 ) X
--Daoine-',{@ Princess Thantaris : Torasin (Marasgal) tells the CLAN: 'Once I was really pissed off and threw a chair at my computer. I went from really pissed off to worried that I'd hurt my best friend.'
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(Friend) Gren: 'bananas are kinda like stop lights, except green means wait, yellow means go ahead, and red means where the fuck did you get that banana'
#16978 + (23 ) X
(Friend) Pope Vega: 'My law is that when I bend over, it should be considered Constitutionally unreasonable for you to not check out the sweet chiseled specimen of perfection that is my ass.'
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[28165] Gastro: Re: High level damage types.
Board: Feedback
Date: Mon Oct 8 18:22:55 2007
To: all Lasher
Reply to: Idea note 12702 posted by Lasher

There is no absolute or exhaustive 'realistic' taxonomy of damtypes. We
can generate as many as we need. That is, if we decide 25 damtypes are
'just right', we can go with that. If we decide 50 are just right, we can
come up with another 25.

Salt, bitter, strangulation, despair, abstraction, echo, gravity, stench,
psychedelic, tension, isolation, helicopter, peanut butter, AoD stream
of consciousness, and so on, can all be added if we want more.
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(Friend) LotteryBot Arminius: '26 Mar 06:02 - Stains of Darkblood tells you 'cause its people like you that make it annoying to have rauctions... cause you buy crap up you dont need instead of letting another person that could use it get it...now im not saying i wanted it for the price i bid i just started the bid cause i was bored... i help bid when i can but i see no reason for someone to buy somethng they dont need its stupid''
#16619 + (19 ) X
(Imm) Hidden Lasher: Lasher's handbook of MUD development, page 18, section 3.4: The amount of complaining when an overpowered ability is changed is directly related to how much it needed doing in the first place.
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INFO: All please welcome TubeSteak, Aardwolf's newest Vampire Witch!
INFO: TubeSteak is new to mudding and may need extra help.

[HELPER]: Lasher: you're effin' kidding right?
#16308 + (26 ) X

17 Mar 09:40 - Dispel Majic tells you 'Cletus, you my only nigga'
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AndrewFoster barters: anyone selling an amulet of the planes?

Auction: Khelda is auctioning the amulet of the planes (Level 25, Num 456). Current bid is 100.

Auction: DjVoltron is auctioning the amulet of the planes (Level 25, Num 457). Current bid is 100.

Auction: Drtoki is auctioning the amulet of the planes (Level 25, Num 458). Current bid is 100.

Tyebald barters: nope.
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The courier gives you it in the butt, sent by A FOOMING Mirrim.
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(Friend) Halo: 'it seems Lorena Bobbits sister tried to commit the same act as her big sister. She however missed and cut the upper thigh of her husband. He is in the hospital in serious, but stable condition. She was charged with a misdewiener'
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INFO: All please welcome AngryMidget, Aardwolf's newest Quickling Warrior (2750)!
#16599 + (23 ) X
Zela answers 'you are all part of a psychological experiment -- human labrats playing in the Mud'
Joelz answers 'but the mud will be destroyed before the experiment completes to make way for a new hyperspace bypass'

Pending quotes: 0; Approved quotes: 5333