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INFO: Redreaver is now a wanted outlaw!

(Friend) Meow: 'redr, I'm 100 steps away from your manor now'
..... (a while later)
(Friend) Meow: 'redr, I'm 50 steps away from your manor now'
..... (a while later)
(Friend) Meow: 'redr, I'm at your door now'
(Friend): Wispen laughs out loud.
(Friend) Wispen: 'scary meow'
(Friend) Redreaver: 'holy crap meow's in my manor'
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o-}HooK{-o Ruiner: only person that fucks goats anymore is charasan
o-}HooK{-o C:\> Charasan: I'm on a 12 step program
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(Friend) Malcontent Vaun: 'so, tpoday at recess, my kids found a bag of dog poop'
(Friend) Malcontent Vaun: 'and chased eachoter around, thorowing it an one another'
(Friend) Malcontent Vaun: 'finally trhe bag broke and one kid ended up with poop smeared all across his neck'
(Friend) Malcontent Vaun: 'at some point, they had to realize they were playing with poop'
(Friend) Malcontent Vaun: 'and they were ok with it'
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[ 1 T0 Diva Ran] Pinkvajayjay the Hunter (Female Hunter)
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You tell your friends: 'Kharpern: I double dare you to gecho BONER'

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You tell your friends: 'i baked some cookies last night
You tell your friends: 'double dark chocolate chip and chunk cookies
(Friend) Naelia: 'gross'
(Friend) Naelia: 'mouthful of cavities waiting to happen'
You tell your friends: 'Jilted is a mouthful of cavities waiting to happen...
(Friend) > Doctor < Lin: 'lol'
(Friend) Naelia: 'are you calling him sweet ?'
(Friend): Naelia giggles.
You tell your friends: 'Sure, we'll go with that.
(Friend) > Doctor < Lin: 'jilted sweet lol'
(Friend) Naelia: 'rofl'
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[08 Aug 17:12:52] Khaleesi barters: Free questions noob advice send tells

Yes! Advice from the girl who got dragged to T9 with less than 300k quest points and practically no campaigns completed.
[201 T9 Half MLT] Khaleesi Rent space here. [C] (Female Blacksmith)

[Multiclass Player: Warrior / Cleric / Psionicist / Mage / Thief / Ranger / Paladin ]

Khaleesi is a Master of Guidance of The Order of Light.

Khaleesi peanut butter jelly time Zagyg.

Quest Points : [ 4900] Qp Earned : [274613]
Quests Complete : [ 8674] Quests Failed: [ 1999] Gquests Won: [ 0]
Campaigns Done : [ 1283] Duels Won : [ 139]
PK Victories : [ 34] PK Losses : [ 137]
Hours Online : [ 9114] Birth Date : [ 31 Jul 2011 ]

Monsters Killed : [ 612148] Times Killed : [ 554]
Combat Maze Wins: [ 5] Combat Maze Deaths : [ 15]
Trained Stats : [ 1961] Powerups : [33935] [ 9788]
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Really (Dryad) tells the CLAN: 'is there a whining board or..?

Shakala (Mormaer) tells the CLAN: 'Of course there's a whining board - it's called ideas :p'
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(friend) High Lord Kallendbor: 'ok, who let smokedogg use mirrim's char?'
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(Friend) A FOOMING Mirrim: 'I can't get it in the butt. I need a repop.'
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Rennek (Uasal) tells the CLAN: 'what i love about first aid and emt classes...is that if you're partnered up with say... oh in my case one of the cutest girls in class... you like automatically get to second base... start feelin around... its like one of those base hits where you just run past 1st'
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Emerald intelligence at its best.

Dash: starling, stop being a retard or shut up. adults are talking

Apparently telling somebody they're being a retard is the adult thing to do.
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[Newbie] Coolwolf: is sealpoint and daoine married?
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(Friend) Obyron: 'Hahahah. Trying to take a test online. Requires an email address to register, but you don't need it for results, so it can be fake."'
(Friend) Obyron: 'I used "[email protected]"'
(Friend) Obyron: '"Your username address is already registered in our database."'
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(Imm) Abelinc: they need to have mortal characters so that they know "What's going on in the trenches"
(Imm) Obyron: If we didn't have alts we'd have to take your lot's word for it.
(Imm) Obyron: You can see how that wouldn't work. ;)
(Imm) Demonspawn: They also like taking mortal form so they can cyber hawt chix
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The courier gives you three painful blows to the head, sent by Princess Twinkie.
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(Friend) McAwesome Valefar: 'Okay, who the fuck keeps quoting me?'
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(Friend) Vaun: 'my favorite mobs are the dragonsnakes....why??....because sometimes they give head
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(Friend) Surly Jilted: 'INFO: Jilted is surrounded by the souls of 104 legendary samurai and ninjas who bestow their disdain and petulence.'
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[Clan Leaders] Defiler Zio: Na na na na na na na na Leee-der!
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(Friend) Bunny Bot Caddy: 'well, finally clean from all those AMERICAN HOT DICKINGS i gave out today'
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--Daoine-',{@ Inicus: If your mom played Aard, what clan would she be in?
>>>-IMPERIUM-> Fiendish: I couldn't say, but I bet yours would be in Vanir.
>>>-IMPERIUM-> Fiendish: Because apparently they'll let in just about anyone.
-}VANIR{- Amarufox: Much like Fiendish's mom :)
<-)light(-> Tiana: i bet they got more of an application process than other clans lately
<-)light(-> Tiana looks around and whistles innocently.
--Daoine-',{@ Inicus: No, my mom would be Loqui
--Daoine-',{@ Inicus: Because she doesn't know how to play
<-)light(-> Tiana: heh
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(Gemote) : Danj suggests www.eroticanime.com, username splaarge, password boing
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You tell the CLAN: 't cyris So how did the penis transplant go?'

Cyris tells you 'still sore'
Cyris tells you 'but that didnt stop me, from trying it out last night.. I think it was a mistake :('
You tell Cyris 'Yeah, Quad told me. Said he didn't really understand why you wanted the transplant in the first place. He figured 2 inches was small enough, and there was no reason for you to decrease the size further. On top of that, he said you screamed like a virgin the whole time... "time" being a lenient term to express the 8 seconds it lasted...'

(Group) Cyris: 'i'd love to quote that'
(Group) Cyris: 'but its just too incriminating'
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(Friend) Halo: 'drinking and masterbating Cya :P'
(Friend) Cyris: 'drinking and masterbating sucks.. it never works'
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Arkanes (Illumened) tells the CLAN: 'According to Marilyn Manson, every game of D&D you play delays the loss of your virginity by a month '
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Fehgit answers '/me licks Domovoy'
Ani answers 'where the whitecloaks are, forget the name'
Fehgit answers '/me licks Domovoy gooood'
Fehgit answers 'whitecloaks are losers'

*>> Eclaboussure falls from a tree like a Drop Bear and lands on your head! <<*

Eclaboussure asks 'so Fehgit wanna behave?'
You tell Flannel 'comedy show at recall, come watch :)'

Fehgit exclaims 'ecla, wanna go shop? then we can do some things in the changing station at the mall!'

Eclaboussure says 'with you? i dont think so'
Fehgit exclaims 'oh come on, you know you like to play with the curtain rod in the dressing room! you LOOOOVE the rod!

You tell your friends: 'comedy show with Imm at recall, come watch :)'

Flannel gossips 'comedy show with Imm at recall, come watch :)'

*>> Eclaboussure climbs back up a tree to watch for tourists <<*
You THWAP Flannel for being a moron.

You tell your friends: 'nvm, Flannel scared him away :('
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Sara Marie laughs her obnoxious laugh and looks for her Thanty.
(Pink Aura) Sara Marie lounges here in her PJs and Bunny Ears waiting for her Thanty.
Sara Marie chuckles 'I love you, you love me and aren't I just too cute to kill? :)'
[7] Your cleave pimpslaps Sara Marie! [5485]
CLAN ANNOUNCEMENT: Thantaris has been promoted to Marasgal.
Torasin (Mormaer) tells the CLAN: 'Because anyone who can endure SM deserves one.'
INFO: Silence reigns over Fae Land as Thantaris is killed by Sara Marie.
Sara Marie is DEAD!!
(Magical) a trophy from Sara Marie
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(Friend) Surly Jilted: 'The 27th rule of Fight Club: dues paid more than 21 days late are subject to a 10% processing fee.'
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Tir (Tighearn) tells the CLAN: 'Nobody on this mud has a sense of humour. Come the revolution, everyone but Daoine will be up against the wall, and T9s first.'
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(Friend) Ashkelon: 'that quote of Chiketa and her trains on the Daoine Quote Site is hilarious, especially since it's at least the third time she's displayed her selective memory :p'
(Friend) Ashkelon: 'First it was "Renahs never killed me!" and then there's "I've never gone afk in a group!" and now it's "Ashkelon was never in our group!"'
(Friend) Ashkelon: 'By god, I wish I'd logged that shit so everybody could see what the fuck I'm talking about :p'
(Friend) Ashkelon: 'Next she's going to outcast from Amazon and then say "I never was in Amazon!" :p'
(Friend) Ashkelon: 'or she'll post on general board "I never played aardwolf!"'
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(Friend) WRECKER Dashiell: 'meh, majic burns peanut butter sandwiches.'
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INFO: The Cwn Annwn emerge in a frenzy with LadyShax in their midst, savagely hunting down Spoke.
>>>-IMPERIUM-> Mael: watch out, Spoke!
>>>-IMPERIUM-> Mael: they'll hunt you, savagely!
/|\Druids/|\ LadyShax: No they won't :)
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(Group) Brother Atreidess: 'I wonder how many people were ecstatic to see us get out of their range so that they'd have mobs to kill only to find us back in tol 2 days later :P'
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(Friend) sic Vaun: 'You tell OMG! It's Jehanine 'hey, this isn't a WoW server''
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Angyer (Family Commander) tells the CLAN: 'honestly Ive been this woman all weekend and havent done jack on it'
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15 Jul 08:02 - Row Row Roell tells you 'hell..half the clan is lant's alt :P'
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[Emerald] Aldus: fucking harry potter and his underage magic
-|Dominion|- Ultimate: if i had magic id use telekinesis to dildo girls
-|Dominion|- Ultimate: and id use my magic to turn dildo into a verb
[Emerald] Aldus: he should use some magic on hermione
-|Dominion|- Ultimate: enlarge spell on her titays
o-}HooK{-o Robbo: You've gotta believe that there's some horny ass magic going on at that school.
[Emerald] Aldus: I'm on my 5th harry potter movie in 2 days
o-}HooK{-o Robbo: I like Luna, because I'm certain she's stoned.
-|Dominion|- Ultimate: id cast ghostly servant to jerk me off when i was feeling lazy
-|Dominion|- Ultimate: although i dont think it can lift anything heavier than 5 lbs
-|Dominion|- Ultimate: so i may be out of luck
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Dokkar answers 'the helegear maze cannot be mapped because all the rooms are flagged as maze'
You answer 'it's been mapped'
BobTheGreat tells you 'Where?'
You tell BobTheGreat 'http://frostblade.net/aardwolf/maps/helegear.gif';
BobTheGreat tells you 'Thanks :)'
BobTheGreat tells you 'hehe Ive sen that one, it just shows connections between roos'
You tell BobTheGreat 'yes...that's called a map :P'
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[ 174] Cadaver: manor upgrade request
Board: Upgrades
Date: Thu Apr 1 01:17:20 1999
To: imm
Please change the fountain liquid type from the rather stale-tasting, tap
water to the same liquid created by the regeneration spell as I would
really like to be able to fill my decanter with an endless supply of
regeneration potions so that I may never have to quaff another quad heal or
restore potion again. Thank you, in advance, for your attention to this
matter. *BOW*

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Fae Wino Joelz yells 'There once was a player from HooK, The purity of a sheep he took, He screwed that Ovine, And exclaimed "My that's fine!", But now he won't eat lamb from the cook.'
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Belmont (Enlightened) tells the CLAN: '[Newbie] Faerun: a big big big green
troll guard my corpse and he is really aggresive and really stronger than me'
Belmont (Enlightened) tells the CLAN: '[Newbie] (Helper) Galihad: well a big
green troll is gonna help you get it back :p'
Belmont (Enlightened) tells the CLAN: 'hehe, i HAD to carve a trophy ...
family business, you know. ;)'
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(Friend) Shortbus Vega: 'I was lighting my hand on fire (spray with spray deodorant and light) and trying to take a picture of it flipping the bird but I burned myself :('
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~-/Pyre\-~ Ice Mage Demonspawn: Lasher should implement community service, only thing you're allowed to do for a month is help newbies.
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You tell Tainted Tallimos 'at this point I am just watining for that little bastard to leave the room first'
You tell Tainted Tallimos 'Quirt has left the game.'
Tainted Tallimos tells you 'hehe yeah I gave up after he gave all those tp to mach and magijk'
You tell Tainted Tallimos 'I WIN'
Tainted Tallimos tells you 'he deleted :P'
You tell Tainted Tallimos 'DOUBLE WIN'
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Starling gossips 'it's so cute when websites try to grey out text and make articles unreadable to adblock users, especially when you just hit escape before the page finishes loading and it never greys out.'
Cytan gossips 'this is why i use a mac. wtf is an ad?'
Daloran gossips 'They are those shiny things that make you feel like you need to buy the newest Apple product'
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If you can read this, better start worrying.

- Valkur, Fri Sep 25 09:46:35 1998.
(In the Jail)
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(Friend) Purr: 'For years I've been under the impression that I'm bisexual. I just recently realized that I'm monosexual. I just like orgasms, mine. Dont' care how.'
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(Friend) [sic] Jilted: '"How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Go Fuck Yourself
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Wolfbane (Uasal) tells the CLAN: 'I want a pez dispenser that pops out pancakes. :('

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