#17058 + (14 ) X
>>>-IMPERIUM-> Ol' Dirty Fiendish: My names Amber, i just put a new video of myself up, i get almost naked. I think my body is beautiful and i want to share it with others. I was raised in a mormon house hold and taught that my body was to be covered...well screw my parents, I'm in college now n' I'm 20 years old! So check it out and holla at me if u wanna hang out some time, i don't have a boyfriend. Kisses Amber <3

--Daoine-',{@ Chew Toy Tori: I think that's actually a step up from "Walker, Texas Ranger"
#15645 + (15 ) X
(Friend) A FOOMING Mirrim: 'I take the 'the' out of 'psychotherapist'.'
#19466 + (16 ) X
Lamerific Rexyl tells you 'Happy faces are just sad faces who are confused :('
#18397 + (12 ) X
(Friend) Rascally Rampagne: 'wtf, the munchkins can teleport you to a random area'
(Friend) The Ultimate: 'you wrote the area :P'
(Friend) Rascally Rampagne: 'damnit was i drunk when i redid that area'
#18068 + (14 ) X
(Curse) Starling: Advenchurer, piss and moan. It'll get you places.
(Curse) Starling: Scream and cry, too.
(Curse) Starling: And don't forget to tell us to fuck ourselves and die and all that. You know it endears us.
(Curse) Tikuranari: Let's all spam scry on him
(Curse) Charneus chuckles at Starling's joke.
(Curse) Tikuranari: I want to partake, but can we do this after double?
(Curse) Advenchurer: what i dont understand is people like starling (older than 25) that are like this? Wow, very immature and childish!!
(Curse) There is a moment of silence as Starling tells Advenchurer to fuck off and die.
(Curse) Starling couldn't care less about your fucking problem.
(Curse) Drtoki: I find it refreshing and entertaining!
(Curse) Wereturtle: what I don't understand is how the gene pool hasn't managed to weed ppl like advenchurer out
(Curse) Kysusha: Well... some consider intentional flamebait to be childish too (also for the purposes of curse: fuckfuckfuck)
(Curse) Tikuranari: Let's make a social on advenchurer
(Curse) Sneak: birth control probably isnt widely available in his country
(Curse) Starling: No shit, Wereturtle, right?
(Curse) Aratix: What I don't understand is how you can be so ignorant and stupid when given advice, and why you assume everyone wants to come and help you every 5 minutes because you didn't listen to them 10 minutes before that.
(Curse) Glacier: As opposed to the matureness and adultness of constantly whining about not being able to level and begging for drags.
(Curse) Redryn: proof that intelligent design is false!
(Curse) Starling starts a MUD named Mxitard Madness.
(Curse) Charneus: "Hai guyz! i wan2 go on an advenchur! wil u take 2 me drag!?"
(Curse) Aratix: I'm spending tp on an advenchurer emote. The word Hurr-durr shall be used.
(Curse) Tikuranari: He can't read this guys, on line is a whole page on his barely 2 inch screen
(Curse) Starling rolls on the floor laughing at Aratix's antics!
(Curse) Charneus: Tikuranari: You're giving him too much cread it! You should have stopped after 'read'. No need for the 'this guys ... screen' bit!
(Curse) Charneus: Wow...
(Curse) Charneus: What the hell was cread it? :\
(Curse) Aratix: give him 10 mins to catch up and write a reply (which will probably read "fuck you") and we'll see. :P
(Curse) Charneus: Credit*
(Curse) Tikuranari: Aratix, we already making one. Send tp to tinky ;)
(Curse) Aratix: lol
(Curse) Tikuranari: 'You are off on a merry advenchure... BOOMZ! You died. CR anyone?'
(Curse) Kysusha: I can't dig much on the misspelling, but at least I can claim I was drunk off my unholy ass when I fucked my name up on creation.
(Curse) Starling: I'm amazed. Hating Advenchurer has become an Aardwolf institution.
(Curse) Charneus: advenchure self -- 'You moan and piss and then apologize, then repeat the process!'
(Curse) Starling begs, whines and screams about not being able to level, and then tells you to fuck yourself when you request giving the MUD double xp.
(Curse) Aratix: advenchure X - You beg for a CR, Spellup and to be dragged by X, then curse at them when they ignore you!
(Curse) Charneus: Don't forget, gotta add the 'and place them on ignore to teach them a lesson!'
(Curse) Yaomiqui laughs out loud.
(Curse) Kysusha: Doesn't the ignore list have a cap? That'll fill PDQ.
(Curse) Arista: Here I thought it was iggy or some such in Adv speak
(Curse) Tikuranari goes on an Advenchure, then dies while begging for drag. "cr any1? no? fuck u all"
(Curse) Starling rolls on the floor laughing at Tikuranari's antics!
(Curse) Arista: Oh, thats right.. I get the trolls mixed up.
(Curse) Sneak: amazing advenchurer has lasted beyond piesang
(Curse) Aratix: Technically, he hasn't.
(Curse) Starling: I will throw in a tp on said social, btw.
(Curse) Starling: I should apply to build an area.
(Curse) Starling: Super Advenchure Island
(Curse) Wereturtle falls to the ground and rolls around, laughing hysterically.
(Curse) Sneak: like super mario land?
(Curse) Kysusha: Oh fuck me that's awful
(Curse) Starling: Yes, only worse.
(Curse) Tikuranari: Advenchurer, your stupidity brought a lot of people together. I made quite a few friends due to all this.
(Curse) Purr: i dont think 'fuck off and die' and mobs that follow you around whining will really be a good theme
(Curse) Sneak: nods
(Curse) Sneak: literally follows you
(Curse) Starling: I think it would be hilarious, Purr
(Curse) Sneak: literally follows you
(Curse) Starling: I think it would be hilarious, Purr
(Curse) Starling: You'd have to have 'nocurse' toggled to even access the zone or get quests there :P
(Curse) PhAt Ninja Wereturtle: make a Barney type mob that complains the whole time you're killing it that noone will help it find eq for its lvl
(Curse) Sneak rolls on the floor laughing at PhAt Ninja Wereturtle's antics!
(Curse) Sexy Texie Garl: But if you are friends with certain people you wouldnt' be allowed to do the goal :p
(Curse) Tikuranari: And when it dies, it should say: A Weary Advenchurer exclaims 'CR!!! I need cr!?!'
#19193 + (33 ) X
Vesuviou tells you 'wanted to ask u about the clan'
You tell Vesuviou 'Sure, what do you want to know?'
Vesuviou tells you 'is it appropriate to ask now?'
Vesuviou tells you 'ohh'
Vesuviou tells you 'clannies are usually helpful to one another rite after
becoming one of them?'
You tell Vesuviou 'Right'
Vesuviou tells you 'does it involve sharing script to allow clannies to act
faster n thus have higher chance of winning in GQ?'
#18015 + (14 ) X
(Friend) Kelst: 'but yeah, the kid just wont follow'
(Friend) Kelst: 'yes'
(Friend) Kelst: 'the kid even acknolwedges that I beckon him'
(Friend) Kelst: 'but doesn't follow'
(Friend) Kelst: 'and ofcourse no imms online'
(Friend) Kelst: 'okay, I've been vis for the last half hour.'
(Friend) Kelst: 'Tiana: I'm past that step...'
(Friend): Kelst sighs.
(Friend) Kelst: 'Tiana: I. Am. Already. Passed. That. Step. :P'
(Friend) Kelst: 'to make the stupid kid follow me'
(Friend) Kelst: 'yes.'
(Friend) Kelst: 'and yes, I'm vis'
(Friend) Kelst: 'yes, I've killed him and it's repopped'
(Friend) Kelst: 'same problem'
(Friend) Kelst: 'this IS the deed of care, isnt it?'
(Friend) Kelst: 'least according to the almighty Dominion website it is'
(Friend) Kelst: 'WTF is the deed of care then?'
(Friend) Kelst: '10. Go to child and beckon him, he will follow.'
(Friend) Kelst: 'wont work.'
(Friend) Kelst: 'oh fuck, gotta kill the warrior first?'
(Friend) Kelst: 'Ultimate: I know how to do the social'
(Friend) Kelst: '...Dominion website fails, again'
(Friend) Kelst: 'according to that, the warrior is after the kid. :P'
(Friend) Kelst: 'so now I have to keep killing this douche till he drops his armor? lame.'
(Friend): Kelst goes, "Hmmmm."
(Friend) Kelst: 'well the child just wont follow'
(Friend) Kelst: 'I've done Prove you can cause sorrow, prove you don't care about others, defeat the troll army, defeat the elvish army'
(Friend) Kelst: 'open = perform a deed of care'
(Friend) Kelst: 'nope'
(Friend) Kelst: '... ft -h'
(Friend) Kelst: 'because I just said it :P'
(Friend) Kelst: 'Adaldar Perform a deed of care. '
(Friend) Kelst: 'Hmm, the statue said to "Perform a task of care." Could there be any way to better the surrounding area?'
(Friend) Kelst: 'the child is responding to beckon, but he won't follow'
(Friend) Kelst: 'its weird'
(Friend) Kelst: 'nofol FTL'
#16273 + (10 ) X
(Uasal) CLAN: A bright, shiny gold halo appears over Andor's head.
Really (Teglach) tells the CLAN: 'so are you full-blooded jew or just jewish :p'
Cosmi (Teglach) tells the CLAN: 'haha'
#15762 + (13 ) X
10 Sep 99 [Bard] NecroLover Mirrim : HELP! CADAVER RAPED MY PRETITLE!
#19467 + (14 ) X
(Friend) Halo: 'I love drinking and mudding, I told Sagen he sucked donkey baals and dont even remember it, he sent me the tell the next day though :P'
#17507 + (28 ) X
From : Lasher: Re: umm
Forum : Bugs - #1064
To : all Inicus
Date : Tue Mar 18 17:42:54 2008
Reply to: Note 1027 posted by Inicus
> I'm dumb

Thank you for the bug report.

Unfortunately, fixing this one is beyond my abilities.

#17385 + (10 ) X
Pringle (Mormaer) tells the CLAN: 'so looks like the strike is ending soon! yay'
Korridel (Mormaer) tells the CLAN: 'writers strike?'
Pringle (Mormaer) tells the CLAN: 'nod'
Korridel (Mormaer) tells the CLAN: 'coo. I was thinking about that last night.'
Korridel (Mormaer) tells the CLAN: 'and by thinking, I mean masturbating. And by last night, I mean to your mob.'
Pringle (Mormaer) tells the CLAN: 'You were masturbating to my mob?'
(Mormaer) CLAN: Pringle sits down and thinks deeply.
Kylenne (Asrai) tells the CLAN: 'Best typo ever.'
Korridel (Mormaer) tells the CLAN: 'did I say mob?'
Korridel (Mormaer) tells the CLAN: 'FUC.'
Pringle (Mormaer) tells the CLAN: 'you did'
Ealodia (Asrai) tells the CLAN: 'that was great :D'
Korridel (Mormaer) tells the CLAN: 'FUCK.'
Pringle (Mormaer) tells the CLAN: 'PWNT'
Korridel (Mormaer) tells the CLAN: 'I mean mom.'
Pringle (Mormaer) tells the CLAN: 'can't take it back now'
#15417 + (7 ) X
(Friend) Torasin: 'The "Camel through the eye of a needle" thing? Euphamism for my balls and your mouth.'
#15887 + (12 ) X
xxxx tells you 'I have a slot on my 'list of worthless people I don't like, but who are better than 99% of this mud, which isn't saying very much' channel, if you're interested in it.'
#18919 + (30 ) X
Electrobite tells you 'enjoy spying eh?'
You tell Electrobite 'de que estas hablando? no hablo ingles.'
Electrobite tells you 'huh?'
You tell Electrobite 'no se.. me hablaste tu.. yo no te dije nada.'
Electrobite tells you 'wtf?'
You tell Electrobite 'que significa "wtf?"'
Electrobite tells you 'can you talk english?'
You tell Electrobite 'no te intiendo.. no hablo ingles.'
Electrobite tells you 'ok...'
You tell Electrobite 'conoces tu las maneras sexuales de los chivos?'
Electrobite tells you 'mexican?'
You tell Electrobite 'te voy a ignorar, cabron.. y tambien voy a hablar con los IMMS que estas "botting"'
Electrobite tells you 'me and sexual goat?'
You tell Electrobite 'de que?!!? de que estas hablando... COCHINO?'
You tell Electrobite 'porque me estas torturando con tus palabras feas horibles? Me estas dando sueños muy malos... :( :( keke'
Electrobite tells you 'd?jame en paz, que me pone triste :('
You tell Electrobite 'parlez vouz francais?'
#15942 + (8 ) X
~-/Pyre\-~ Ice Mage Demonspawn: Lasher should implement community service, only thing you're allowed to do for a month is help newbies.
#17547 + (11 ) X
(Friend) McAwesome Valefar: 'Okay, who the fuck keeps quoting me?'
#18264 + (10 ) X
(Gossip) ElementPyros feels the cold as the ice age draws nearer.
ElementPyros gossips 'woot'
ElementPyros gossips '20 seconds'
ElementPyros gossips '10 '
ElementPyros gossips '8'
ElementPyros gossips '6'
ElementPyros gossips '4'
ElementPyros gossips '2'
ElementPyros gossips '1'
Lasher gossips 'that was the countdown to his channel loss.'
#15756 + (14 ) X
22 Nov 98 Deathblow Nobletalks: 'u mean mobs can vorpal us?'...level 120
#17204 + (37 ) X

(Friend) Tir: 'there's also no rape social. :('
#18091 + (14 ) X
Craigath (Corsair) tells the CLAN: 'If I misspell, forgive me. I'm not drunk, but 2/3 of my computer screen is obscured by empty beer bottles.'
#18082 + (40 ) X
(Group) Nihilist Dilligaf: one of my cats stood on my keyboard and spelled "poop" once.. i took it as a sign and changed the litter box.
#19495 + (18 ) X
(Friend) The Chosen IceDragon: 'She's hanging open, of course she's loose!! :P'
#17654 + (15 ) X
(Friend) Six: 'I was pissed earlier, i was trying to level and just couldn't fucking do it. I was like HOW THE HELL WTF THIS IS GAY'
(Friend) Six: 'Forgot I had noexp on'
#16488 + (36 ) X
~-/Pyre\-~ Wuff : Our love is un-shareable Thantypanties :)
<|>Rhabdo<|> Highpriest Charybdis : he shared it with me just the other day
#18313 + (12 ) X
INFO: Redreaver is now a wanted outlaw!

(Friend) Meow: 'redr, I'm 100 steps away from your manor now'
..... (a while later)
(Friend) Meow: 'redr, I'm 50 steps away from your manor now'
..... (a while later)
(Friend) Meow: 'redr, I'm at your door now'
(Friend): Wispen laughs out loud.
(Friend) Wispen: 'scary meow'
(Friend) Redreaver: 'holy crap meow's in my manor'
#16255 + (32 ) X
(Imm) Lasher: Someone wrote me a personal note that there are lots of places where the mud uses caps that could be changed to lower case to save bandwidth.'
#17454 + (13 ) X
(Imm) DarkOracle Jikiri: i mean shit id cut my own dick off before i fucked that....and i like to fuck too...but hmm nope
#19468 + (16 ) X
(Friend) Galadar:'psy....your proposals always seem to involve lesbian ninja midgets'
#15710 + (41 ) X
WARFARE: Valkur has been slain by Thantaris.
#16043 + (12 ) X
(Friend) Save a Rezit: 'I just finished reading pride and prejudice. I'm all classy and shit now.'
#16697 + (10 ) X
(Friend) Obyron: 'Fools be actin' like they gangs anyway. Be like, Warriors, come out and plaaay! Dirty. I get into shit, I let it out like diarrhea. Got burnt once but that was only gonorrhea. Dirty. I keep shit stanks in my draws so I can get fizzah-funky for ya.'

(Friend) Obyron: 'A reading from the Wisdom of Old Dirty Bastard.'
#18099 + (8 ) X
A Trivia Point Token SOLD to Pavonius for 1,100,000 gold.
#18357 + (13 ) X

(Friend) Glacier: 'Why do people ALWAYS log on the day I rotate them'
(Friend) Charneus: 'Glacier: I know the feeling.'
(Friend) Charneus: 'I usually rotate people who haven't been on in 30 days. The next day, they suddenly log on.'
(Friend) Glacier: 'Its like I have a psychic link... Vaun hasn't been on in 72 days, I'll rotate him off.. '
(Friend) Glacier: 'Charneus just logged off four minutes ago, best not to rotate him... *Charn doesn't log on for six months*'
(Friend) Vaun: 'I meant to activate my hey-glcaier-i'll-be-back-in-72-days macro'
(Friend) Vaun: 'but i forgot'
(Friend) Mirrim: 'But then you got hi-igh.'
#17919 + (12 ) X
(Friend) Escobar: 'All fun and games until the Imms summon you to their manor. :/'
#18826 + (15 ) X
(Imm) Grumpy Lasher: D00dz u r a fahg coz ur birthday r sux0r!!!!!!!!! (and ur clan iz 2!)
#20045 + (27 ) X
(Imm) Ocho Ocho Ocho: so these mobs in clan mazes are a bit too tough for a level 57
(Imm) Ocho Ocho Ocho: oh im stuck in here
(Imm) Ocho Ocho Ocho: fantastic
(Imm) Ocho Ocho Ocho: and the rooms drain your moves and mana wtf
INFO: A tear falls from Athena's eye as Ocho throws himself from the parapets.
(Imm) Ocho: awww, that ended the raiding party
(Imm) Ocho: You may now raid again
(Imm) Ocho: buckle up boys
#19038 + (28 ) X
(Friend) ATAA Jek: 'I think I need a butt catheter'
#17680 + (43 ) X
INFO: Stendarr cries tears of Anguish as Altoid is slain by Spoke!
Talia (Corsair) tells the CLAN: Curiously weak, huh.
#18600 + (13 ) X
(Friend) Baktosh: 'My therapist can beat up your therapist'
(Friend) Tenlorn: 'my therapist can rape the rapist'
(Friend) Baktosh: 'My therapist is Sean Connery'
(Friend) Tenlorn: 'your therapist is the man now, dog'
#15062 + (17 ) X
You barter: Crappy discontinued light, #360. :P
Charity barters: wow inverse, now that is a sales pitch!
You barter: I know. I should move into retail.
Charity barters: nodnod, women clothing..."Yeah, that dress makes you
look like a cow and it is a horrid color, buy it"
#19608 + (14 ) X
(Gemote) : Create loves his penis
(Gemote) : Create i would like to apologize for that, darn little brothers
#18606 + (21 ) X
Draken (Uasal) tells the CLAN: 'i used to have a trigger that played an "AAAAGGHH!" wav any time a clannie died.. i had to delete it when Thant started his "I want to die" phase. '
#19185 + (77 ) X
Betrayal (First Mate) tells the CLAN: 'baby just gave me a sticker and said its a sticker of love for daddies that give me candy'
Betrayal (First Mate) tells the CLAN: 'pwnt'
Betrayal (First Mate) tells the CLAN: 'brb..gettin candy...'
#20012 + (27 ) X
[27 Nov 08:52:32] |Watchmen| Icecool: Masaki was #2 to put in their UGLY Christmas Sweater. Hoping to see more ugly things pop up soon enough in public shops!!
[27 Nov 08:54:57] |Watchmen| Icecool: I take that back, TwinLube beat Masaki to the punch!
[27 Nov 08:55:03] |Watchmen| Icecool: Masaki was #3
[27 Nov 08:56:48] (Retribution) Redwood: shame that sweater still looks better than their logo
[27 Nov 08:57:01] (Retribution) Cerashor: oh snap!
[27 Nov 08:57:29] |Watchmen| Icecool falls to the ground and rolls around, laughing hysterically.
#17903 + (8 ) X
Glacier quotes '(Friend) The Ultimate: 'i have a 17" laptop, 40" tv, 52" tv, and a corvette' (Friend) The Ultimate: 'my penis is non existant''
#15846 + (7 ) X
CLANINFO: Calabus has been appointed a leader of clan Masaki Clan
CLANINFO: Calabus is no longer a member of Masaki Clan.
CLANINFO: Calabus has been appointed a leader of clan Enlightened Brotherhood of the Dominion
#18646 + (18 ) X
(Friend) Ashlynn: 'can someone explain why the cosby's would take their kids to the pool in december?'
#17582 + (11 ) X
Pringle (Mormaer) tells the CLAN: 'My fortune read "Luck is be coming your way." (in bed)'
Daloran (Teglach) tells the CLAN: 'If by luck, it meant, Steve =D'
#15360 + (5 ) X
(Friend) sic Vaun: 'if Plato were alive today, hed have a half ass talk show on the WB'

Pending quotes: 0; Approved quotes: 5253