#16444 + (27 ) X
Vaun: youre still a friend even if you never send me suggestive tells
Vaun: =)
Mirrim: Hahahhaha.
Mirrim: I suggest you pay close attention to my taint when you lick my nuts.
#17432 + (25 ) X
(-DoH-) Lumpia : this channel isnt for mind less biccering, its for comeing together and form a bond
#19075 + (47 ) X
Sexy Troll Fantomex sulks 'I like Daoine :('
Sexy Troll Fantomex asks 'Can I get jailed for saying that?'
#19562 + (21 ) X
Nazgul (Rebel) tells the CLAN: 'someone once sent me a pic of pamela anderson'
Nazgul (Rebel) tells the CLAN: 'it was a pic i hadnt seen before and didnt look like her so im like WOW you are hot =p'
Nazgul (Rebel) tells the CLAN: '"you could be a model"'
#18910 + (28 ) X
(Group) Raar: 'my buddy had a GF'
(Group) Raar: 'that he referred to as'
(Group) Raar: '1 to 2 to 4'
(Group) Outicus: 'lolwut'
(Group) Outicus: 'He skipped 3?'
(Group) Raar: 'cause on the third date her vag almost swalloed his hand!'
(Group) Outicus: 'OMG'
(Group) Azaezel: 'wow, just wow'
(Group) Raar nods.
(Group) Raar: 'I still don't know her name'
(Group) Outicus: 'Crixus tells you 'i dont get it...1 to 2 to 4?''
(Group) Crixus: '....'
(Group) Crixus: 'thats fake'
(Group) Crixus: 'i sooooo got it'
(Group) Outicus: '08 Jul 23:59 - Crixus tells you 'i dont get it...1 to 2 to 4?''
(Group) Outicus: 'TIMESTAMPED'
#17532 + (22 ) X
(Friend) Endless Dereliction: 'I told my wife that I wish I could bot cooking dinner. Then I realized I had a crock pot, so I kind of already can.'
#16080 + (16 ) X
(Friend) Vaun: 'you know, having grapevine as your class channle is like having a piece of broken glass stuck in your eyeball'
#14926 + (18 ) X
(Friend) Dispel Majic: 'lasher told dashiell that he had an inote for an autonochan for spamming 'say i have come on my face''
#17273 + (33 ) X
(Marasgal) CLAN: Mirrim just got a face full of Joelz's balls!
Dardezael (Dreolan) tells the CLAN: 'if everyone could please teabag mirrim that would be good'

--Daoine-',{@ Jilted: um, excuse me...uh...gclan? yeah hi it's me jilted again....hey listen could you do me a huge favor?
--Daoine-',{@ Jilted: Dardezael (Dreolan) tells the CLAN: 'if everyone could please teabag mirrim that would be good'
--Daoine-',{@ Mirrim just got a face full of Jilted's balls!
--Daoine-',{@ Mirrim just got a face full of Dardezael's balls!
-|Dominion|- Mirrim just got a face full of Ultimate's balls!
--Daoine-',{@ Mirrim just got a face full of Korridel's balls!
--Daoine-',{@ Mirrim just got a face full of Joelz's balls!
--Daoine-',{@ Mirrim just got a face full of Kylenne's balls!

(Marasgal) CLAN: Joelz enthusiastically high-fives Dardezael!
Dardezael (Dreolan) tells the CLAN: 'lol'

(-DoH-) Tps . o O ( thats daoine for ya... )
-|Dominion|- Tps just got a face full of Ultimate's balls!
--Daoine-',{@ Jilted: less *think, more *teabag

(Dryad) CLAN: Kylenne manages to shove her balls in her own face! All that yoga must have paid off...

(>TouchStone<) Dagnir: remember when we teabagged that guy?
-|Dominion|- Ultimate manages to shove his balls in his own face! All that yoga must have paid off...

Joelz (Marasgal) tells the CLAN: 'Best. Social. Evar.'
(Dryad) CLAN: Kylenne is agreeing with that Joelz person again...
Joelz (Marasgal) tells the CLAN: 'It really was a personal tragedy when I typed 'teabag' and got "That social does not exist"'
Kylenne (Dryad) tells the CLAN: 'You made dreams come true.'
#16502 + (26 ) X

(Friend) Brave Haart: 'my friend who lives there went: oh, yeah, it's fine here. I open my window and hear people chanting RUSSIA RUSSIA and there was this guy holding a hammer going car by car smashing all the windows'

(Friend) Brave Haart: 'everyone come visit our glorious nation'
#19854 + (56 ) X
18 Apr 18:55:39 (Imm) so... i need a blowie..... who's hot and volunteering?
18 Apr 18:59:14 - Sadone tells you 'is it big ?'
18 Apr 18:59:44 - You tell Sadone 'it gets the job done without complaints... but i dont go swordfighting, so i dont know how to compare'
18 Apr 19:00:20 - Sadone tells you 'I would help but has to stay secret'
18 Apr 19:00:34 - You tell Sadone 'well duh!'
18 Apr 19:00:45 - You tell Sadone 'you mean i cant tell emeris?'
18 Apr 19:01:01 - Sadone tells you 'cant tell anyone'
18 Apr 19:01:51 - You tell Sadone 'fair enough'
18 Apr 19:02:41 - Sadone tells you 'where would we go do this ?'
18 Apr 19:03:52 - You tell Sadone 'you tell me... you're providing a service... let me know'
18 Apr 19:05:34 - Sadone tells you 'hehe oh its a service so i guess in the woods is fine if you pay me 50 gold'
18 Apr 19:05:43 - You tell Sadone 'excellent!'
18 Apr 19:06:21 - Sadone tells you 'I get on my knees and reach up to feel your buldge and massage it'
18 Apr 19:07:04 - Sadone tells you 'slowly look around so as to not see anyone else'
18 Apr 19:08:06 - Sadone tells you 'unzips your pants'
18 Apr 19:08:37 - You tell Sadone 'can we have a safeword?'
18 Apr 19:08:58 - Sadone tells you 'haha'
18 Apr 19:09:18 - Sadone tells you 'sure whats the safeword'
18 Apr 19:09:26 - You tell Sadone 'I NEED AN ADULT!'
18 Apr 19:09:43 - Sadone tells you 'haha that was already taken pick another'
18 Apr 19:10:36 - Sadone tells you 'is this feeling good ?'
18 Apr 19:11:22 - Sadone tells you 'reaches in and pulls you out and slowly pumps you in my hand'
18 Apr 19:12:03 - Sadone tells you 'remeber its our secret as i bend and lick along your shaft'
18 Apr 19:12:41 - Sadone tells you 'putting you in my mouth feeling your solid meat'
18 Apr 19:13:19 - You tell Sadone 'I cast Lvl. 3 Eroticism. You turn into a real beautiful woman.'
18 Apr 19:13:40 - You tell Sadone 'I steal yo soul and cast Lightning Lvl. 1,000,000 Your body explodes into a fine bloody mist, because you are only a Lvl. 2 Druid. '
18 Apr 19:14:19 - Sadone tells you 'would have been soo good'
#16280 + (26 ) X
Really (Teglach) tells the CLAN: 'i only won one gquest, ever'
Really (Teglach) tells the CLAN: 'but that is in the dev port, i doubt that counts as anything'
Andor (Uasal) tells the CLAN: 'yeah dont feel bad - tori's a bot'
Andor (Uasal) tells the CLAN: '7 ticks .. pfft :P'
Tori (Cailleac Bhuer) tells the CLAN: 'Yeah, too long!'
Really (Teglach) tells the CLAN: 'cuz when i did it... no one else was on! :_('
#16988 + (19 ) X
Purr (Asrai) tells the CLAN: 'toast, you know that thing that surrounds my anus?'
Purr (Asrai) tells the CLAN: 'kiss it.'
Toast (Dreolan) tells the CLAN: 'hair?'
Purr (Asrai) tells the CLAN: 'probably.'
(Dreolan) CLAN: Toast brushes Purr's hair for her. Looks better now.
#19244 + (46 ) X
(Friend) Razor: '"I'm not gay or anything, but $20 is $20"'

(Friend): Book of Etzli nods at Razor.
#18477 + (21 ) X
You tell your friends: 'I'm being picked on by a potato crisp.'
#15357 + (20 ) X
(Friend) 007.5 Xyzzy: 'nickel, dime and bongload are metric measures?'
#19054 + (41 ) X
[17 May 13:50:35] (Imm) Vakieh: Hitting balls with sticks is more entertaining when Jackass does it.
#17956 + (16 ) X
(Friend) Escobar: 'I almost typed "Sheila's Cum Depository" instead of "Cat Sanctuary". How do I fuck that up?'
#18865 + (34 ) X
Deathlok tells the CLAN: 'now master intimidate'
Deathlok tells the CLAN: 'should only take a few mins:P'
Escobar tells the CLAN: 'And then master Deathlok's mother.'
Hank tells the CLAN: 'already masterd'
Escobar tells the CLAN: 'Wait, which one?'
Hank tells the CLAN: 'intimidate'
CLAN: Rtoo goes, "Hmmmm."
Hank tells the CLAN: 'mastered'
Deathlok tells the CLAN: 'u can master my mom if you'd like'
CLAN: Escobar laughs out loud at Deathlok.
CLAN: Escobar whispers softly to Deathlok.
Hank tells the CLAN: 'already mastered that too'
#15419 + (50 ) X
(Imm) Lasher: I saw strangelands last night, very odd.
(Imm) Valkur: he means he got drunk and thought his lawn gnomes were running around
#20070 + (45 ) X
(Friend) Ever: 'Yoda was really just hoping that Luke would pup for a year or two'
#17035 + (21 ) X
Pringle (Truthair) tells the CLAN: 'My boss was complaining about a former coworker, how he had 2 kids but was never married, she was like "Why is he going around getting women pregnant?" and I said "Probably for the same reason you wouldn't want to eat filet mignon covered in seran-wrap."'
#15567 + (16 ) X
(Friend) Boom Shakala: 'I love feedback. It's a board that never makes any sense, but allows people to scream at each other.'
#17959 + (18 ) X
[03 Aug 15:32:45] Phalae barters: anyone do ansi for tp
[03 Aug 15:33:08] Abelinc barters: I dunno, why don't you ascii?
[03 Aug 15:33:35] Abelinc barters: ascii silly question, get a silly ansi
#19544 + (22 ) X
(Friend) Kunnin' Pebbles: 'deaf/quiet/afk, note me if anything monumental happens like thantaris becoming an imm'
#16352 + (19 ) X

Spicyhot (Wench) tells the CLAN: 'I know this is crazy and I really shouldn't be asking you, I feel shy, but I want it so bad. Don't get me wrong, it's just that I haven't had it for a long time. I could already feel it going in so hard and coming out so soft and wet. No one has to know about this. I need it. I'm desperate, but your help can be very grateful. You must think I have a lot of nerve asking you for this, but I can even feel my tongue touching it, sucking all the juice out until there is no more left. This has been on my mind all day long, and I hope I'm not being forward. I'm usually not like this, but..'
Spicyhot (Wench) tells the CLAN: 'Can I have a piece if gum?'
#18280 + (23 ) X
(Friend) Naer: 'Starling, you have a 99.98% chance of getting me into bed.'
(Friend) Naer: 'but only on three moons'
(Friend) Naer: 'otherwise it is only 99.14%'
#18230 + (20 ) X
Auction: almost nothing SOLD to Rumour for 105 gold.
#19830 + (56 ) X
(Friend) Mirrim: 'Man I've had ONE QUOTE submitted since I posted the note :('
#18529 + (22 ) X
Argyle (Captain) tells the CLAN: 'shit in your hand and throw it at someone'
Argyle (Captain) tells the CLAN: 'not me though'
(Smuggler) CLAN: You see a brown projectile fly from the hands of Godot and hit Argyle's face!
Godot (Smuggler) tells the CLAN: 'Oh, Argyle..'
(Captain) CLAN: You see a brown projectile fly from the hands of Argyle and hit Godot's face!
(Smuggler) CLAN: You see a brown projectile fly from the hands of Godot and hit Argyle's face!
(Captain) CLAN: You see a brown projectile fly from the hands of Argyle and hit Godot's face!
(Smuggler) CLAN: You see a brown projectile fly from the hands of Godot and hit Argyle's face!
(Captain) CLAN: You see a brown projectile fly from the hands of Argyle and hit Godot's face!
(Smuggler) CLAN: You see a brown projectile fly from the hands of Godot and hit Argyle's face!
Mirrim (Cabin Girl) tells the CLAN: 'o_O'
Argyle (Captain) tells the CLAN: 'better be glad domain isn't vis atm'
Argyle (Captain) tells the CLAN: 'I'd jail you'
#15071 + (22 ) X
o-}HooK{-o Lethargic Martin : eheh soempne tyeo ww,w,persuankisttyu so
ican copey it?
#15918 + (70 ) X
You tell the CLAN: Dear God. I just had the worst mental image of Jeckyl as Mr. Burns and Zanion as Smithers.
Your clanleader has demoted you.
CLAN ANNOUNCEMENT: Jeckyl has demoted Mirrim to the rank of Femme Fatale!
You tell the CLAN: But only Jeckyl had a massive penis and was surrounded by ladies!
Your clanleader has promoted you.
CLAN ANNOUNCEMENT: Jeckyl has promoted Mirrim to the rank of Rogue!
#16396 + (21 ) X
11 Apr 18:11:31 - Cytan (Missionary) tells the CLAN: 'I haven't talked this much since....well, we had a meeting! IKYU! You are slacking on your schedule!'
11 Apr 18:11:48 - Ikyu (Oracle) tells the CLAN: 'why?'
11 Apr 18:12:05 - JustMe (Missionary) tells the CLAN: 'are we having a meeting?'
11 Apr 18:12:10 - (Missionary) CLAN: JustMe perks up, something must have grabbed her attention.
11 Apr 18:12:11 - Cytan (Missionary) tells the CLAN: 'I don't know why...I just felt like yelling at you for a good legitamite reason.'
11 Apr 18:12:28 - Ikyu (Oracle) tells the CLAN: 'i can plan another meeting if ya'll want, just have no clue what to say'
11 Apr 18:13:04 - JustMe (Missionary) tells the CLAN: 'hmmm things to say at a meeting...'
11 Apr 18:13:27 - Cytan (Missionary) tells the CLAN: 'bah...i have nothing to say.'
11 Apr 18:13:42 - JustMe (Missionary) tells the CLAN: 'we can talk about ummm.... my wootness?'
11 Apr 18:15:36 - Cytan (Missionary) tells the CLAN: 'You killed the channel with that w00tness of yours.'
11 Apr 18:15:42 - (Missionary) CLAN: JustMe r w00t. Cytan nods.
11 Apr 18:15:42 - (Oracle) CLAN: Ikyu is agreeing with that Cytan person again...
11 Apr 18:15:43 - JustMe (Missionary) tells the CLAN: 'it is that hot.'
11 Apr 18:15:51 - Ikyu (Oracle) tells the CLAN: 'we are just dumbstruck'
11 Apr 18:15:57 - (Missionary) CLAN: JustMe laughs out loud.
#17839 + (23 ) X
Another priceless dagonet moment..

[01 May 19:06:07] -|Dominion|- Ultimate: on excel, are the letters rows or columns?
[01 May 19:06:16] .:|Wolf|:. Jaenelle: columns
[01 May 19:06:16] o-}HooK{-o Argyle: letters are the columns
[01 May 19:06:17] [Emerald] Dagonet: rows
#19698 + (26 ) X
(Friend) Cult of Rok: 'get a sex change instead domen, it's more exciting'
#15302 + (25 ) X
[Tier]: Rexyl: Slutpocket? Those things you heat up in your microwave for lunch?
#20076 + (45 ) X
-|Retribution|- Cytan: I think it's because his honey trail wasn't like a brillo pad, but more like a very petable but wise fox terrier. smooooothhhhh
-|Retribution|- Cytan: i can't grow a beard, too patchy. but if i did, i would hope it would come in just like sam elliots pubes.
#16077 + (16 ) X
Yowza (Grey Man) tells the CLAN: '(Ebony Dagger) [ 15 Mob] Bluefish 237/237 [ 15 Mob] Bluefish 267/267 [ 15 Mob] a shotgun gu 222/222 [ 13 Mob] a shotgun gu 208/208 ord all gt hi (Group) Bluefish: 'hi' (Group) Bone Fish: 'hi' (Group) Bluefish: 'hi''
#19023 + (37 ) X
Betrayal (First Mate) tells the CLAN: 'whats 4' tall, white, and listens to justin beiber'
Betrayal (First Mate) tells the CLAN: 'wyv takin a shit'
#18897 + (33 ) X
Global Quest: The global quest has been won by Accora - 181st win.

*Turie growls at you. Hey, two can play it that way!

*You comfort Turie.

26 Jun 14:23 - You tell Turie 'Sorry for leveling into range 10 seconds before it started :/'
26 Jun 14:24 - Turie tells you 'Whatever..........'
26 Jun 14:24 - You tell Turie (Fighting) 'u mad?'
26 Jun 14:24 - xxx tells you '26 Jun 14:23:26 - (Friend) Turie: 'Douchecanoe Accora''
26 Jun 14:24 - Turie tells you 'I have little time to deal with global quest leveling. So, I am not happy when I lose when I thought I had a chance and did not see you in the mix.'
26 Jun 14:25 - You tell Turie 'Ah, I understand.'
Turie tells you 'Please leave me alone. I am to the point I might say something rather offending to you to the point I really do not care anymore.'
You tell Turie (Deaf) 'That would be really funny. But I will head your request ^_^ Have a nice day.'
#17477 + (22 ) X
(Friend) Alessandrew: 'like here this shit!'
(Friend) Alessandrew: 'where the fuk is gren?'
(Friend) Alessandrew: 'i dun like repeatin myself'
(Friend) Alessandrew: 'here this sheeet!!'
(Friend) Alessandrew: 'i came home'
(Friend) Alessandrew: 'there was this fuckin snake'
(Friend) Alessandrew: 'lookin at my eyes beetches'
(Friend) Alessandrew: 'i say aye yo snake fuk u!'
(Friend) Alessandrew: 'im says fuk you!'
(Friend) Alessandrew: 'i say no fuk you!'
(Friend) Alessandrew: 'he says hissssss'
(Friend) Alessandrew: 'i call fo my posse yo'
(Friend) Alessandrew: 'the come with like blade and shit'
(Friend) Alessandrew: 'im hide behind some tree and shit'
(Friend) Alessandrew: 'i cut that tree down!!!'
(Friend) Alessandrew: 'and spray with insecticide'
(Friend) Alessandrew: 'damn snake ran out!'
(Friend) Alessandrew: 'i grab him like steve irwin'
(Friend) Alessandrew: 'and i wuz gunna kill em'
(Friend) Alessandrew: 'but instead i threw him across the road'
(Friend): Haart is doing things with his python that even Charybdis wouldn't dream of!
(Friend) Alessandrew: 'i was like aye homie, i could kill you know if i want, but i'mma left you live!'
(Friend) Alessandrew: 'i thin k e was poisonous too'
(Friend) Alessandrew: 'if i was sobra i woulda never do that shit i woulda killz him!'
(Friend) Alessandrew: 'one time no crime!'
(Friend) Alessandrew: 'you know what i'm sayin'
(Friend) Haart: 'sheeeet of cuz'
(Friend) Alessandrew: 'fuh sheezie'
(Friend) Alessandrew: 'ok true story though'
(Friend) Haart: 'same ol same ol'
(Friend) Haart: 'crack'em yack'em'
(Friend) Alessandrew: 'afk to suck blood outta the bite'
#15404 + (16 ) X
(Friend) Juxtaposed Jexebelle: 'Cuddle...Starling...?'
(Friend) Juxtaposed Jexebelle: 'My math is a little shoddy...isn't the end result of that the apocolypse?'
#19433 + (19 ) X
(Friend) Absolut Citron: 'I once tried ass love, but then it took me hours to get the asparagus out.'
#16257 + (20 ) X
--Daoine-',{@ Jilted: Can we please keep the racism off my clan channel?
>>>-BABYFACTORY-> Chuft: no
--Daoine-',{@ Cosmi: what if we hate all races equally?
>>>-BABYFACTORY-> Chuft: especially swedes
--Daoine-',{@ Jilted: I just hate centaurs
<(=Watchmen=)> Biophaze: I just like female elves
--Daoine-',{@ Cosmi: yeah they poo everywhere
--Daoine-',{@ Jilted: but centaurs don't have feelings
--Daoine-',{@ Mirrim: Jilted is racist against horsefuckers :(
--Daoine-',{@ Mirrim: He also denies the horseacaust.
--Daoine-',{@ Jilted: oh right like some one man orchestrated the slaughter and manufacture into glue of 8 million centaurs
--Daoine-',{@ Jilted: I said it before, and I'll say it again
--Daoine-',{@ Jilted: one day there will come a race war and the centaurs between levels 15 and 36 are going to get what's coming to them
>>>-BABYFACTORY-> Chuft: the vampires will win, cos about 50 of them will join
>>>-BABYFACTORY-> Chuft: just like every other race war :P
#17586 + (23 ) X
From : Tir: Thesis Campaign
Forum : Misc - #12231
To : all academics on the mud unlikely as youre all botting ToL
Date : Fri May 16 23:02:36 2008
Greetings, Academics and Would-Bes,

A couple of years ago, Torasin had me proofread the early stages of his
thesis. I think it was on functional programming, or something, some ungodly,
non-Prolog language. Anyway, as way of thanks, he gave me an acknowledgement
in his thesis.

Drunk on this infinite power, last year I suggested to you, the erudite, the
(mostly) educated that there are worse people that could appear in your
Acknowledgements section - Robert Mugabe for instance - and that you might as
well acknowledge me.

I'm pleased to announce that a second person has included me in their thesis
for little/no reason what-so-ever. Korridel recently defended his
thesis in mathematics, and put me in the acknowledgements.

This might seem useless, even egomaniacal, but I shall frame it in terms of
graph theory. Anyone who has either published a paper with me, or has
included me in the acknowledgements of a thesis or other major publication,
has a Tir number of 1. Anyone who has published a paper with such a person,
or has acknowledged *them* in a thesis or other major publication, has a Tir
number of 2.

So, to enumerate the few and proud:



I will update the lists as more publications are brought to my awareness.

Yours in knowledge,
- Tir

#17801 + (21 ) X

>>>-IMPERIUM-> Vaun: helmet to helmet
{chaos} Argen: is helmet to helmet only a penalty in college? :p
.oOo.*Romani*.oOo. Zolstead: Please Vaun
(-DoH-) Rampagne: i did not know it was a penalty
>>>-IMPERIUM-> Vaun: please what?
.oOo.*Romani*.oOo. Zolstead: Please, it is football.
>>>-IMPERIUM-> Vaun: astute observation
[Ba'al] Adelinne: and?
>>>-IMPERIUM-> Vaun: guy led with his helmet
.oOo.*Romani*.oOo. Zolstead: So how can you say it is an uncalled hit?
[Ba'al] Adelinne: because there's a difference between playing a rough sport and being an asshole
>>>-IMPERIUM-> Vaun: no reason for a hit like that at this point in the game
.oOo.*Romani*.oOo. Zolstead: So he should have let him run on by then
>>>-IMPERIUM-> Vaun: no, his name is McGahee, not Romani Clan Guard
#18647 + (27 ) X
Torasin (Mormaer) tells the CLAN: 'Sometimes I masturbate while thinking about mudding from a stable OS. Am I going to hell?'
#15244 + (23 ) X
Pope Smot quotes 'By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you drunk and disorderly. You may now kiss my butt.'
#16875 + (21 ) X
18 Aug 19:19:35 - (Friend) Naer: 'lemonparty.com didn't work'
18 Aug 19:19:40 - (Friend) Naer: 'OOHHH, .org. One sec'
#17923 + (25 ) X
(Friend) Liathum: 'Why did my sister have to procreate? I mean, of all the people in my family the one who has genes that should be eliminated from the pool had to have a child.'

Pending quotes: 0; Approved quotes: 5333