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[10 May 20:42:53] -|Retribution|- Cytan: fred, can suck my balls.
[10 May 20:43:13] <-)light(-> Gruagach: this isn't google?
[10 May 20:43:27] |Watchmen| KoopaTroopa: once upon a deadpool is funny, btw.... you should watch it, even though its really deadpool 2 toned kinda down
[10 May 20:43:39] |Watchmen| KoopaTroopa: (speaking of fred savage)
[10 May 20:43:50] {-=Masaki=-} Scars: deadpool shouldn't be changed
[10 May 20:44:00] {-=Masaki=-} Scars: it's perfect and wholesome
[10 May 20:44:11] |Watchmen| KoopaTroopa: scars... trust me.... it isnt /changed/
[10 May 20:44:20] {-=Masaki=-} Scars: you said tone down
[10 May 20:44:40] |Watchmen| KoopaTroopa: just watch the first 5 mins... if you think it is going to be lame, turn it off -- no harm no foul
[10 May 20:44:53] |Watchmen| KoopaTroopa: but i promise, worth it
[10 May 20:45:01] {-=Masaki=-} Scars: but the opening 5 minutes is him in the spa killin the ppl
[10 May 20:45:11] {-=Masaki=-} Scars: and its funny
[10 May 20:45:19] |Watchmen| KoopaTroopa: it still is
[10 May 20:45:26] {-=Masaki=-} Scars: so how is it toned down?
[10 May 20:46:01] |Watchmen| KoopaTroopa: look, im not going to spoon feed you the movie-- i know you are Masaki, but this isnt an epic

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