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Guinness (Siren) tells the CLAN: 'i'm in too bad a mood to do anything'
Trapt (Swashbuckler) tells the CLAN: 'aww why'
Guinness (Siren) tells the CLAN: 'i don't know it's super annoying'
Wars (Captain) tells the CLAN: 'dont worry im in a bad mood to'
Trapt (Swashbuckler) tells the CLAN: 'i noticed youve been quiet Wars last night and today...realtively speaking'
Tymme (First Mate) tells the CLAN: 'have you all been in clan long enough that your womanly times are syncing?!'
(Captain) CLAN: Wars slaps Tymme, but louder.
Guinness (Siren) tells the CLAN: 'you know men also have "that time of the month" :D'
(First Mate) CLAN: Tymme gets out a marker and marks a big red X over the ship's calendar for this week.
CLAN ANNOUNCEMENT: Wars has demoted Tymme to the rank of Smuggler!

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