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o-}HooK{-o Wars: and how did he sacrifice himself for our future sins? can I pray once for all my future sins to be forgiven and call it good for my pass to heaven?
{-=Masaki=-} Yakuza: same way we alright with light now with the future change in pk
<-)light(-> Riot: quiet down maxi pad
{-=Masaki=-} Yakuza: we dont like light anymore
{-=Masaki=-} Raded: he didnt die for lights sins
<-)light(-> Welding cries on Raded's shoulder.
o-}HooK{-o Pringle: light aren't humans, they need to get their own jesus to die for their sins
<-)light(-> Riot: why
o-}HooK{-o Pringle: but that'll never happen cause they'll just have SHs heal him on the cross

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